Newlywed Couples Forbidden To Use The Bathroom For Three Days!!! So Weird

OMG by Published on Updated on 17 Jan, 2018

What if you will be forbidden to use a bathroom for three days and three nights? You might be thinking why someone will be prohibited from using the toilet, but it is a culture in the Indonesian Tidong community.

The Tidong community's unique tradition makes it one of the weirdest tribes in the world. The community has been following a bizarre tradition for years which does not allow the bride and groom to use the bathroom for three days and three nights after their wedding.

It sounds like the newlywed couple is being punished for no reason. The tradition seems to torture the newly married couple who are compelled to urinate in a bowl for three long days. But the Tidongians find the custom quite normal and genuine. Rather they believe not practicing the three-day and night ritual would bring terrible misfortune to the couple most probably a broken marriage or infidelity or death of their offspring at a young age.

In the first three days of the couple's marriage, they are watched over by several people and provided with a minimal amount of food and drink. After the third day, they are bathed and then allowed to return to their normal life.

Not only this, the groom is not allowed to see the bride's face until he signs several love songs of the bride. The couple is kept in a room separated by a curtain. The curtain is raised only after the musical requirement is met and they can see each other's face.