Mysterious Tree Which Laughs On Tickling Attracts Tourists And Researchers In India

OMG by Published on Updated on 24 Oct, 2018

The world is so mysterious! Where we hear about the regular evolution in the animal, the same rule seems to have applied in trees as well. The tree in Nainital, India has a peculiar character which has shocked lots of people and even attracted several researchers.

The tree in the Kaladhungi forest, Nainital, reportedly gets tickled! Yes, you read that right. The locals from the small district of Uttarakhand claimed that there is a tree that laughs when tickled or touched by a human.

Where the Forest Department of Kaladhungi is yet to confirm the news, SK Singh, chief of the forest conservation confirmed that the tree shows unusual behavior when touched or caressed.

The chief also told the tree moves its branches and leaves and vibrates everytime it gets a human touch.

Professor Lalit Tiwari of Kumaon University in Nainital told a local newspaper,

I have heard about these trees. Their botanical name is Randia dumetorum. It is quite intriguing to see that they respond to a tickle sensation differently from others. We will research on the topic to establish reasons for such behavior.

The tree which is called Rubisi locally grows at an altitude of 300 to 1300 meters and bears fruits between  December to January.

The tree and the forest is getting even more popularity after the Corbett Village Development Committee decided to allow tourists to touch it and see the reactions of the 'laughing tree.'

Researchers are trying to find out the cause of the unusual movement of the tree trunks. Their initial speculation says that the unusual reaction may be a result of the conjoined nerves of the trunks and the branches making it more sensitive to human touch.