Michelle Williams Speaks about Gender Pay Gap; Learns costar Mark Wahlberg was paid more than her

News by Luna Published on 03 Apr,2019

Michelle Williams Revealed That She Was Paralysed When She Knew About The Gender Pay Gap Compared To Her Co-star Mark Wahlberg.

  • Michelle Williams felt paralyzed when she discovered how little she was paid as compared to her co-star Mark Wahlberg.
  • The pay range differed for drama All the Money in the World reshoots.
  • Michelle spoke with the members of the Democratic Women’s Caucus.

American actress Michelle Ingrid Williams aka Michelle Williams felt paralyzed when she found out that her co-star Mark Wahlberg was paid around $1.5 million. She was disappointed when she learned that she was paid how little in compared to her co-star.

On 2nd April 2019, Michelle Williams came forward to speak with the Democratic Women’s Caucus’ members to make Equal Pay Day. The Oscar-winning actress revealed that she felt paralyzed in the feelings of futility when she discovered that she was paid $1000 compared to her co-star Mark Wahlberg’s $1.5 million.

In late 2017, the news spread like a wildfire that she had been paid less than $1000 compared to that of $1.5 million that her co-star had received for the exact amount of work.

Michelle remembers the moment and claims that no one even cared for the matter, but it did not surprise her as she reinforced her life-learned belief that equality is not an inalienable right. She added:

women would always be working just as hard for less money while shouldering more responsibility at home.

Michelle added:

It’s the kind of story I would normally resist: the morality tale with a happy ending, or rather a happy beginning because that’s really why I’m here,

Wahlberg’s agent had already negotiated him the fee for returning to Europe to reshoot the movie over Thanksgiving weekend.

Mark Wahlberg replaced actor Kevin Spacey after he was accused of sexual harassment and assault of young boys. It was director Ridley Scott who decided to replace Kevin Spacey.

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