Martyn Ford's Journey From Body Building To Acting

News by Nembang Published on 17 Jul,2018 Updated on 17 Jul,2018

Life is not always sunshine, but you can always change the situation to a favorable one. Likewise, the well-known bodybuilder Martyn Ford had to give up his dream of becoming a professional cricket player due to injury. However, he is leading a successful professional life as a bodybuilder.

The popular fitness personality has managed to appear in a few movies, thanks to his celebrated bodybuilding career. His hard work and dedication paid off. Let's get into the details of his life.

Martyn Ford's Dedication Towards Body Building 

Martyn Ford is best known as a bodybuilder who is popular for his 23-stone giant body. Ford is leading a prosperous professional career, all credit goes to his hard work and dedication.

At first, fitness training gave him a sense of achievement to build his body. Then after, he continued the training for years making bodybuilding his professional career. It took him around four years to get the body he has now. To maintain his figure, he eats a heavy diet every hour which includes; chicken, fish, egg whites, oats, brown rice, potatoes, loads of veg and lots of water.

CAPTION: The bodybuilder Martyn Ford SOURCE: From Martyn Ford's Instagram

However, bodybuilding was not his ultimate career goal as he used to be an accomplished cricket player during his teenage days. Unfortunately, the actor had to give up his dream of pursuing his career as a professional cricket player when an injury struck; took nearly a year to recover.


There is a definate need for cardio, the amount and type of cardio we do depends very much on our goals and bodytype. FAT LOSS - hours and hours of cardio is not necessarily needed for fat loss (For a non competitive body builder, these guys are different and levels they want are not manageable or realistic long term, sometimes they will hit 2-3 hours a day to hit BF levels required). Excessive cardio can actually hamper fat loss, people often look at me like im crazy when i say this, however... extreme amounts of cardio for the average guy or girl (by this i mean no PEDs used) can send the body catabolic. Eating away at muscle tissue to fuel the cardio session, reducing your lean muscle mass and in turn lowering your RMR. Like anything you do, start of with small amounts, gradually increase and most of all.... MONITOR levels. The average amount of cardio needed for Fat loss is 30-45 mins 3-4 times per week, of this a mixture of LISS and HIT is perfect. The most important part of fat loss is to get a balance. Food, resistance and cardio is KEY. #martynford #fatloss

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During that time, Ford decided to enter the world of fitness and bodybuilding. His determination and hard work soon took him from 11 stone to 23 stone. He is happy to make a name out of his bodybuilding profession which opened gates to the movie industry.

Martyn Ford's Movie Career

Since Ford gained media attention for his transformation, he got opportunities to star in multiple movies. As of now, he has acted in four movies, so far, he is leading a decent acting career.

First, he appeared in the action movie Boyka: Undisputable in 2016. In the film, he co-starred with Scott Adkins, Teodora Duhovnikova, and Alon Aboutboul.

CAPTION: English actor Martyn Ford SOURCE: From Martyn Ford's Instagram

Following the debut, Ford starred in Kingsman: The Golden Circle in 2017. The movie was directed by a renown English producer and director Matthew Vaughn. In the film, Ford starred alongside Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, and Colin Firth.

Afterward, he was cast in Accident Man, a British action-thriller film directed by Jesse V. Johnson. Ford then appeared in 2018 movie Final Score.

Martyn Ford: Quick Facts

  • Born on 26 May 1982 in Minworth, Birmingham, West Midlands.
  • His nickname is Nightmare and Hulk. 
  • His star sign is Gemini.
  • His height is 6 feet 8 inches (2.04 m).
  • He weighs 320 lbs (145 kg).
  • He is happily married to his wife Sacha Stacey from 2009. The couple shares two lovely daughters Imogen and Wynter-Ivy.