Know About the Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand Where Monkeys Are Fed 2000 Kilograms of Food

OMG by Published on Updated on 18 Feb, 2018

Many people visit Thailand every year to enjoy the beaches and nightlife of Pattaya and many other tourist hubs. Apart from these, most tourist visit Thailand to witness an interesting festival, The Monkey Buffet Festival. The festival is celebrated every year on the 25th of November in the ancient town of Lopburi in Thailand. 

One of the oldest city in Thailand, Lopburi, is rich in cultural heritage.  The town filled with monkeys on the street celebrates the monkey festival with much enthusiasm.

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The festival is all about belief and simultaneously it drags a number of tourists to witness the bizarre festival.

It is believed that a Hindu monkey deity, Hanuman rescued a bride from a ten-headed demon and discovered Lopburi. As the Hindu monkey’s descendants, every year the monkeys in Lopburi receives grand the name same ‘monkey buffet festival’, it is indeed. During the festival, monkeys are fed with a set of buffets.

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They are served above 2000 kilograms of food including fruits, nuts, cabbage and more. In addition participants in the festival wear masks of monkeys and perform dance activities on the very particular day. 

The festival originally started in 1989 headed by a businessman. The festival has become one of the major tourist attraction in Thailand.