Footballer Emiliano Sala's Plane Disappearance: £300000 Raised For Private Search

Footballer Emiliano Sala's Plane Disappearance!!!

  • The aircraft in which Emiliano Sala boarded disappeared on Monday, 21 January 2019.
  • The plane could not communicate with its tower due to unknown reasons and disappeared mysteriously at 8:20 pm on Monday night.  
  • More than £300000 has been collected by crowdfunding.     

£300000 ( $ 395,984.70 ) has been raised as a fund for the private search to search missing Cardiff City football striker Emiliano Sala and the plane pilot Dave Ibbotson.   

Over £200,000 was raised by Premier League stars Laurent Koscielny and Ilkay Gundogan and started a campaign GoFundMe. More than 2,000 people responded to the campaign and raised up to £431,00 after a series of donations.       

CAPTION: GoFundMe fundraising Campaign for finding Emiliano Sala SOURCE: GoFundMe

Several football stars including Lionel Messi, Adrien RabiotNordi Mukiele, Geoffrey and others donated a large sum of money and boosted the GoFundMe Campaign.

The plane of the footballer and pilot disappeared from Monday, 21 January 2019 after he boarded in the flight from Nantes to Cardiff. His plane disappeared about 8:30 pm, 75 minutes after he sat on the plane. The plane disappeared from the radar on their way to Cardiff from the English Channel on that night.

CAPTION: Plane disappeared from English channel SOURCE: Daily Mail

The rescue teams searched for four days from 21 Jan to 24 Jan. The Rescuers said, "there is 'no hope'". They later revealed that this mission around Alderney was actually not a rescue mission. It's a recovery mission. Late on Jan 24, they ended the search for the football player.  

CAPTION: Timeline: Sala plane's disappearance SOURCE: Daily Mail

After the official search for an Argentine striker and pilot, David Ibbotson was called off on Thursday, GoFundMe, fundraising website started a campaign. From the campaign, the footballer's family was able to fund two boats and begin the private search on Saturday 26 January.

Sala and Ibbotson's family wrote a letter to Argentina's president Mauricio Macri and asked for the support to resume the search. To which he fully supported and issued a formal request to Britain and France for search efforts. Moreover, France launched a petition in which it has gathered about 80,000 signatures. 

The FC Nantes club of U-19 boys posed wearing T-shirts having Sala's Face and reading 'We Love You Emi'.

The striker's sister Romina also said she is convinced that her brother and pilot are still safe and alive somewhere in the middle of the channel. She added while on the visit to Cardiff.

We're asking please don't stop with this effort. We are not going to give up.

She further said:

The last time I spoke to him was on Monday before he said farewell to the Nantes players. He was really excited about coming to Cardiff and we were talking all day.

While ending the search, Guernsey's harbormaster Captain David Barker said:

The decision to call off the search was a "difficult" one, but the chances of survival were "extremely remote" and I am "absolutely confident" no more could have been done.

Furthermore, the former harbor master, Peter Gill said:

It's like looking for a needle in a haystack when you don't even know where the haystack is. You don't know which road it's in, you don't know which parish it's in, you don't even know which county it's in. It's very cold and it's also quite challenging in terms of currents and they are very, very seldom slack. The actual chance of getting down and finding something is very, very difficult indeed.

However, the driver Richard Keen revealed that there was a fairly good chance of finding the plane. He also said, "There's about a 50% chance of finding it in the next three months." 


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