The Curious Case of Dancing Plague of 1518 In France

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The world has seen some of the amazing and phenomenal activities which are predictably irrational and hard to believe.

Some events in the past make us think of the unnatural forces that are driving the human being to something unexplained and challenging science at the same time.

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Here is one such event that left people speechless and with no logic to the reason behind it.
1518 France, in the Strasbourg city a woman was found dancing on the street continuously for days. A week later, she was accompanied by one hundred other people in the city. They all started dancing which left the government in shock and amaze.  

Later the French government claimed that it was a paranormal disease and cannot be cured with any medication. Days later, the officials managed to put all the dancing people in a single hall and let them dance unless they are tired.

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The room was full of four hundred dancing men and women accompanied by musicians who continuously played for the people dancing in the hall.  A few days later, when some of the people in the hall died of tiredness, the rest were taken to the hospital for treatment.

 It was later discovered that the disease, dancing plague, was a collective hysteria caused by poverty, starvation and aesthetic depression.