Camila Coelho Happily Married to Icaro Coelho Since 2010-Know About Their Children

News by Clarence Published on 20 Sep,2017 Updated on 01 Sep,2021

With over 1M subscribers on her YouTube channel, MakeUpByCamila2, as of February 2019, and over 7.5 million followers on Instagram, Camila Coelho has earned massive popularity with her YouTube channel where she shares makeup tutorials. She is also popular for her blog.

Makeup artist and YouTuber Camila Coelho is currently in her seventh year of blissful married life with her husband, Icaro Coelho

How is Camila Coelho's married life with her husband Icaro Coelho's going on? Does the couple have any children?

Camila Coelho and Icaro Coelho: A Happily Married Couple

Camila Coelho and Icaro Coelho have been happily married for more than seven years. Twenty-nine years old make-up artists Camila Coelho and Icaro got married on 16 October 2010.

Icaro is a supportive husband. He has always supported and stood up for his wife, from organizing events to helping her in her career. 


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Icaro once said in an interview:

It is very cool to be here and meet people who have a great affection for the work that Camila does. I am very happy to be able to be part of and help in this trajectory that she has been building.

Camila also shared some inside scoop of her marriage saying:

We work with social networks, so we're all connected and connected, but there comes a time when we need to be off, we need some time.

She also added they enjoyed watching Games of Thrones.

"We like Games of Thrones, Marco Polo, and House of Cards, but I'm far behind."


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Camila Coelho and Icaro Coelho are madly in love with each other. Both of them are open about their love for each other on their respective social media. Icaro takes to Instagram every year to wish her wife a happy birthday every year on his Instagram account that has almost 7.5 M followers as of September 2019. In 2019 also, Coelho shared a photo with her husband showing her planting a kiss on his lips on his birthday on the 2nd of Feb 2019.

Do Camila Coelho And Icaro Coelho Have Any children?

Happily married for over seven years, Camila Coelho and Icaro Coelho don't have any children. However, it is not like they aren't trying.

Camila once shared in an interview with

I want to have children. I always dreamed of being a mother and it will not belong.

The couple, however, hasn't given any hint about them being parents anytime soon. Sometimes these things take time, physically and emotionally as well.

Camila Coelho Quick Facts

  • Camila was born as Camila Figueiredo Cristina Coelho.
  • Her birth date is 27 February 1988.
  • She started her YouTube channel in 2010.
  • Camila has worked as a makeup artist for Dior.

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