Beggar On A Board!!! Beggar Asks For Cash On Board Flight In Pakistan

OMG by Published on Updated on 22 Jun, 2018

A bizarre video footage showing a beggar on board a plane has gone viral on social media. The footage features a man inside of a commercial flight persistently begging passengers for money.

A middle-aged man can be seen holding a plastic pouch and pleading for money inside the onboard Qatar Airways which flew from Doha to Shiraz. Surprisingly, some of the passengers even gave him money.

A witness shot the moment and posted it on the social media which garnered 25,000 views overnight.

An air hostess approached the man and said: "Sir, please have a seat. I understand you, sir, but we're about to take off." He nodded in response, however, didn't move from the aisle. Then a male passenger approached the beggar and offered him some cash and put a bunch of notes in his pouch.

Two other staff members asked him to take a seat when someone else called him and handed over some cash.

The man has not been identified yet, however, social media viewers speculate the man to be an Iranian. Before he was speculated to be a Pakistani, however, sources at Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) declined the rumors straight away.

CAPTION: An Iranian man captured begging money inside an on a board plane SOURCE: Daily Mail

Many of the viewers longed for whether the man was a paying customer or he managed to sneak onboard. But, later, it was confirmed that he was a paying customer. Mail Online reported that a one-way flight between Doha and Shiraz costs about £400 with Qatar Airways.