Azature Announces Worlds Most Expensive Nail Polish Worth $250,000

OMG by Published on Updated on 26 Jan, 2018

How important has cosmetic become in the life of people? Today, the demand has made the supply of make-up kits to costs an expensive amount of wealth for people.

Today we are going to talk about one such interesting tale about cosmetics that has shocked the world with its purchase cost. 

Source: beauty blog

A cosmetic brand, Azature, has manufactured a range of nail Lacquer that is believed to be world’s most expensive nail Lacque till date.

The company has named the brand, black diamond, and has given it a selling cost of $250,000. Well, you may not believe it even I did not, but the fact is this nail Lacquer is available for $250,000 and more than 25 people have already bought it. 

Source: HuffingtonPost

Why is the product worth $250,000? What is so special about it?

Now is the time when you must be thinking of this product quality and what has it such high pricing despite it’s just a nail Lacquer?

To our knowledge, the product is not just a nail Lacquer but is crafted with 267-carat black diamond. Azature, the company, is basically specified in jewelry making and has beautified actress like Rihanna, Beyoncé who even term the black diamond as “ultimate fine jewel.”