American TV Personality Dave Hester's Net Worth 2018: Details Here

News by Bean Published on 30 Nov,2018 Updated on 30 Nov,2018

Dave Hester is an American businessman, storage unit buyer and a professional auctioneer. Hester is mostly known for his determined and doubtful nature, as he has engaged in a number of argument and scuffle during his time on “Storage Wars”.

Some of the major brawls were with buyers Brandon Sheet and Darrell. He appeared on the A&E Network reality television series 'Storage Wars' from its beginning in 2010. The most wealthy one among the characters of the show, he is recognized by the nickname 'The Mogul'.     

Being a tycoon with a huge net worth in millions he is living his life lavishly. Want to know his assets and net worth? Stay with us. 

How Much Is Dave Hester's Net worth? 

Sources projected that Dave’s net worth is close to $4 million. He stacked the handsome wealth as an American reality television series star and trade holder.

With the involvement in the TV show Storage Wars Dave was able to add lots of profits to his net worth. 

CAPTION: Dave Hester as the lead star in TV series Storage Wars SOURCE: San Diego Reader

He is most likely popular for the show “Storage Wars” with his signature word YUPP!. He also uses this word while making a bid in his auction.

CAPTION: Dave Hester along with Dan Doston in an auction SOURCE: Spare Foot

He signed the contract with a sum of $25,000 per episode to perform in the third season of Storage Wars. He is expected to have the salary of $829,500 per annum which involves $2500 per month for travel and $124,500 expenditure.  

CAPTION: Dave Hester in front of his own Thrift Shop SOURCE: YouTube

Dave also runs a thrift shop with 10,000 square foot throughway frontage store. Later, he traded it and added lucrative money.     

Dave Hester's Luxurious Lifestyle And Property

Alongside the revenue from the series, Dave owns a single house now worth near half a million US Dollars located in Westminster, CA. He bought the luxurious house in 1985 for $180,000. The house has four bedrooms and two bathrooms with an area coverage of 1,263 square foot.   

CAPTION: Dave Hester luxurious house SOURCE: Celeb Property

Dave too made further income from his auction house, Dave Hester Auctions. He once bought a painting 'The Golden Pool' for $750 and later wholesaled it for $155,000. He also owns a Pug as a pet. He tweeted his photo along with his Pug on Twitter:

Dave Hester's Facts

  • Hester has a catchphrase and is “Yuuup!”
  • Hester was fired from the TV series“Storage Wars” in 2012
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the only Hester’s favorite place to visit until he dies.  
  • His popular show Storage Wars features other popular reality stars such as Brandi Passante, Barry Weiss, Laura Dotson, Jarrod Schulz, Dan Dotson and so on.