How Street Outlaws' JustinShearer Aka Big Chief Made His Million Dollar Fortune? His Assets And Income Sources

News by Azen Published on 04 Jan,2019 Updated on 04 Jan,2019

If you have a keen interest in street racing you must have heard the name of the popular street racer, Justin Shearer who is famously known as Big Chief. You might know Big chief as a street racer only but he is more than that.    

He is also a reality television personality known for starring in Discovery channel's reality show Street Outlaws. With such a diverse career Big chief has amassed a net worth of $2 million. Here we gonna be sharing the details of his net worth.  

How Big Chief Made His Million Dollar Fortune? His Assets And Income Sources

The popular reality television personality and popular street racer Big chef has amassed the net worth of $2 million. His main earnings are from his street racing career and his work on the American Television series Street Outlaws alongside Precious CooperKye Kelley, and Jackie Braasch.

As Chief was on the top street racer in Oklahoma City as well as he is currently a prominent cast of Street Outlaws.      

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Before landing a job on reality Television series Street Outlaws he worked in a merchandise shop. The part of his income was from the business. Moreover, at the age of 18, he also worked at a gas station.


People have a different field of interest, Justin "Big Chief" Shearer interested in modifying and maintaining cars. Regarding his cars he owns a modified car 'Crow mod".

The "Crow Mod" is a modified car built for drag racing. With the "Crow mod" he has a set a new door car record for Pontiacs with a 3.99-second pass at 190 mph.

Big Chief's Career Highlights

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, Justin Shearer aka Big Chief began having interest in a bike and street cars at the age of nine. Later, his family moved to Oklahoma City and there he established himself in the Oklahoma City street racing community as soon as he approached about the show.

After that, he started hosting the show Street Outlaws on Discovery channel which was based on the street racers. Big Chief also worked for Midwest Street Cars Automotive.

Quick Facts: Big Chief

  • Big Chief, Justin Shearer's favorite celebrity is Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.
  • Chief's all-time favorite movie is Two-Lane Blacktop.
  • Chief's best childhood memory is training horse with his mom or working on cars with his dad.
  • The proudest moments of Chief's life is when his children were born. He has two sons Covil and Corbin.
  • Besides than racing, Chief's likes to do hit the gym for powerlifting and training.  
  • After Chief got a divorce with his wife Allicia Shearer, he started dating with Jackie Braasch.