How Much Is The Popular Miner Rick Ness' Net Worth? His Assets And Lifestyle

News by Hendrix Published on 25 Jan,2019 Updated on 04 Nov,2020

Mining may not strike you as a posh and flashy job but Discovery’s Gold Rush has made some people stars, Rick Ness is one of those people who has profited immensely from the show’s popularity.  Ness is a TV reality star who has amassed a net worth in the millions. He has multiple income sources like TV, mining, and music.         

Coming back from a head injury that put an end to his college football career he turned to music and started a band who has toured all over. It was when the band made a stop at the Southeast Alaskan State Fair when Rick met Parker Schnabel who later called him up to work with him.   

Know More About The Miner’s Net Worth And How He Was Able To Amass A Net Worth Of Millions?

As per data from 2019 he has a decent net worth of $3 million which he gathered from his career as a reality TV star and a miner. His career as a musician has also contributed to making him a millionaire. He earns around $150,000 annually, from his reality TV show.  

Also, watch the video given below and learn about Rick Ness' net worth in 2020: 

His reality TV career started in 2010 with the show Gold Rush. He appeared in the 3rd season of the mining reality TV show owned by Discovery. Before his appearance on the hit show, he was a college football player with a lot of potentials. His career was cut short, however, due to an injury to his head.

CAPTION: Rick Ness on his show Gold Rush. SOURCE: Youtube

After his college football career ended he began playing music in a band called .357 Stringband. Along with his band, he toured relentlessly all over the world before being picked up by Schnabel to work with him on the show. He had no mining experience but he had operated heavy machinery for his commercial construction company.

He learned the ropes quickly and became a mainstay in the show. Notably, he was responsible for running the crew’s Indian River. He helped the crew reach their goal of getting 4000 ounces of gold.

What About The Star’s Assets And Lifestyle?

The star bought some expensive things with the money he earned from his career. He owns an expensive Burberry watch which starts at around $384 and can cost up to a couple of thousand bucks. Similarly, he has a Toyota 4 wheel drive pickup truck named Tacoma which has a price of around $25,550.     

Likewise, he bought a 1970 1/2 Z28 RS which is a classic car and must’ve been hefty on his pockets. In some websites, the car’s price is in the thousands of dollars.  


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He is a passionate hunter and hunts deer frequently, hunting outdoors is an expensive hobby which can cost around $500 per hunt.

He also smokes expensive cigars costing around $189.99. A man with such expensive taste has a lot of money in the bank and in this case, it is true.

Quick Facts: Rick Ness

  •  5, 1981, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
  • He has the star sign of Pisces which is represented by the symbol of fish. 
  • His band released three albums namely, Ghost Town, Fire & Hail, and Lightning From the North.
  • The miner cum reality star stands at 6 feet 5 inches tall or 195 cm. 
  • Ness' family own a commercial construction company, where he learned to use a great deal of heavy machinery. 

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