Actress Chloe Bridges' Love Life with Boyfriend Adam Devine, Exclusive Details here

News by Saburo Published on 25 May,2017 Updated on 18 Jun,2017

Chloe Bridges played Nick Jonas' girlfriend in Disney's Camp Rock 2, and became one of the most popular characters from the show. What about her real life boyfriend though?

Who is Chloe Bridges currently dating? It's no secret, she's dating actor Adam Devine, we have some exclusive information about their relationship!

Who is Chloe Bridges currently dating?

 Actress Chloe Bridges' personal life is open up for her fans. She is currently dating television host and actor Adam Devine. The couple met on the sets of horror film The Final Girls and eventually started dating.

Image: Chloe Bridges and her boyfriend Adam Devine

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When it comes to making relationships work, her boyfriend Devine tells people that he does his best to stay on Bridges' good side.

I do my best to not get too deep in the doghouse. I’m still a child to where I think that, like, attacking her with smooches is the best way to do it. You know, I haven’t really done anything that’ll get me in trouble, so usually, my aggressive smooch-attack will get me out of most trouble. So far so good.

The couple seems very happy in their relationship and they appear together in every event. On May 7, Adam and Chloe appeared in the MTV Movies and TV Award 2017 ceremony. The award ceremony was hosted by Adam himself. 


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Adam and Chloe's this year valentine's Day also went very well. They shared their cutest pictures via their social media on Valentine's Day. 

What Is Chloe Bridges Up to These Days?

Chloe gained fame from Disney's Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam in 2010. The television movie also featured Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas and other teen stars. 

Image: Chloe Bridges in Pretty Little Liars

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Even though Camp Rock 2 came to an end years ago, Chloe's career went on. She is currently working on the ABC series Pretty Little Liars along with some other projects. Chloe's upcoming television drama series Daytime Divas will come out soon.

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Keeping aside TV shows, she has also worked in music videos. She featured in the rock band Highly Suspect's single My Name is Human', released in February 2017. 

Her boyfriend Adam is currently working on comedy drama series Workaholics and other film projects as well. In 2016, he also voiced for animated series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Don vs. Raph.

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