A Man Who Wed 130 Wives and Shared 203 Children Died At 93

OMG by Published on Updated on 18 Feb, 2018

A Muslim cleric, Mohammed Bello Abubakar, 93, who wed 130 wives and shared 203 children with them died on Saturday.

The reason behind his death in niger state is still under wrap. many people from his locality visited his funeral on Sunday.

Source: DailyMail

It may be interesting and surprising to know that he wed 130 wives where some are still pregnant.  In 2008, many Muslim preachers criticized him and demanded him to divorce 82 of his wives within 48 hours from the time announced. 

On the other hand, Mr. Bello explained that it was his divine mission to keep marrying. In talks with BBC in 2008, he stated that he had a god given ability to control his wives.
He was quoted saying:

A man with 10 wives would collapse and die, but my own power is given by Allah. That is why I have been able to control 86 of them.


Source: DailyMail

When BBC spoke to his wives, one of them said she could not reject his proposal because it was a command from God.