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Joanna Gaines is an American television personality who is famous for hosting the house renovating HGTV show, Fixer Upper, a reality show which shows the renovation and construction of an old house.

She has been working together with her husband Chip Gaines for over 12 years. She is the genius behind the Magnolia Market- a furniture and home décor shop. She began hosting their show Fixer Upper in 2013.

In March 2018, Jonna Gaines and Chip Gaines announced that it was the end of the Fixer Upper Journey. And they said they wanted to focus on their family and children.

Early Life And Education 

Joanna Gaines was born on April 19, 1978, in Kansas, the U.S. She was raised in Texas. Her nationality is American and belongs to the White-American ethnicity.

Before rising to fame, Joanna earned a degree in Communications from Baylor University. She then moved to New York as an intern. She also opened a boutique store in 2003. She helped her father next, in the automobile business he ran.

Joanna Gaines' Career

Gaines started her career on her show Fixer Upper. Upon meeting her husband and them having similar ideas about construction details and about how to make an old house a new one, they were given a job to host and become part of their own show which was named Fixer Upper.

After the photos of the house that had been decorated and made new by the couple were spotted by HGTV, the channel reportedly offered them their show.

Decoration Of Houses

Joanna previously used to work in an all-you-can-eat buffet named Magnolia Homes, and this buffet is currently owned by this couple.  

It has been said that celebrities and people alike, line up to make this power couple decorate their homes. Joanna finds market materials that can be put to good use to renovate and decorate houses and turn them into a beautiful masterpieces fit to stay in. This has become the major reason behind the huge success of the show, just within a year of airing.

Net Worth And Charity

Joanna earns nearly $50 million from her work. The combined net worth of Chip and Joanna is found to be $16 million. She ama s sed a huge amount of net worth from her show, which reportedly earned $30K an episode from Fixer Upper. 

Joanna Gaines has founded a charitable organization with her husband Chip Gaines. Their organization Magnolia Foundation exists to restore lives and restore communities in different parts of the world. They have also supported several campaigns and charity events.

Houses and Property

The family of six lives in Texas. They live on 40 acres of land, offering plenty of space to cook, craft, and play with their growing family.

Gaines is active on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, she has earned millions of fan followers on her social accounts. Her Instagram has 7.7 million plus followers as of June 2018. 

Joanna Gaines' husband

Joanna Gaines is a married woman. She is married to Chip Gaines since 2003 and has already been 15 years of their marriage. Chip is said to have fallen in love with Joanna as soon as he saw her photo in the automobile shop owned by her father. 

The couple has four children, two sons; Drake and Duke, and two daughters; Ella and Emmie. In October 2017, the couple announced that they are expecting their fifth child. Their fifth child's alleged due date is July 2018. 

First Meet 

After his car suffered a brake failure, Chip ran into Joanna’s father’s automobile shop. He met Joanna there and the couple eventually fell in love and Joanna became Chip’s girlfriend. 

After a few years, the couple got married on May 31, 2003. Since then, they have been happily married to each other. 

Their love converted into marriage and into the opportunity to host and run a show together and rise to the heights of fame. They renovated their first house, for their honeymoon after getting married and currently live there too.

Charged with a fraud lawsuit 

This house was the one spotted by HGTV which led them to get their current show. This lovely couple has a fifth child together. The couple welcomed their fifth child,  a son in July 2018

Gaines was charged with a fraud lawsuit along with her co-host of Fixer Upper and husband,  Chip Gaines recently in May 2017. 

Her husband Chip Gaines is an Entrepreneur, TV star, and author. He is popular for his home renovating show The Fixer Upper. He has worked in the field of construction for a long time. His show Fixer Upper aired on HGTV from April 2014 to April 2018.

Published two books

He and his wife also own a home accessory store Magnolia Homes. Chip has also published two books. In 2017, he published his first book Capital Gaines: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff. In 2018, he published his second book The Magnolia Story with his wife Joanna Gaines and friend Mark Dagostino.

She also runs her greenhouse where she tends her plants. She loves growing roses, oranges, lemons, and fresh herbs. She grows much healthier food than she enjoyed in the past, though. She told PopSugar that she tends flowers with her kids.

Renovation projects

Apart from Fixer Upper, their many renovation projects, and running Magnolia, she enjoys life on the farm and spending time cooking family recipes in her kitchen. She also spends a garden soothes her soul and being with her four kids dominates all other favorites.

When she married Chip Gaines, they didn’t have much. In fact, Gaines’ father asked him when he was going to get a real job for the first two years of their marriage! He recalled that moment, he always had a wad of cash, but they were broke. She used to bring his pocket money to grocery shopping.


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