Chip and Joanna Gaines to Welcome Their Fifth Child in July 2018

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 04 Jan,2018 Updated on 18 Dec,2018

Big news for Fixer Upper fans as their favorite HBTV couple is expecting a baby.
The duo took on Instagram to share the big news yesterday. To our knowledge, Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines are all set to take a departure from their hit show, Fixer Upper at the end of the current season.

And now when the couple revealed of their new baby on the way, that makes sense why they have decided to leave the show.

Source: Instagram

Below are three details about the new baby you would want to know.

1. The couple will welcome their 5th child

The hit duo of the Fixer-Upper, Chip, and Joanna share 4 children together where the fifth is on its way to join older siblings,  Drake, 11, Ella Rose, 9, Duke, 8, and Emmie Kay, 7.

Source: Twitter

2.Chip feels the baby is a boy

The couple seems to be excited to welcome the new member in the house. The couple isn’t able to know the gender of the child bur chip says, he can already tell it’s a boy.

Source: Instagram

3.The due date…

Chip Gaines told on Twitter that the baby was conceived after the  Johnnyswim concert and if Chip is right Joanna is 13 weeks pregnant and has a due in July.