YouTuber Melissa Estrella's Earnings As A Youtuber-What Is Her Current Net Worth?

News by Joey Jordan Published on 18 Sep,2019 Updated on 18 Sep,2019

Melissa Estrella is an American youtuber who runs a YouTube channel Melissa and Logan with Logan Beell. Besides being partners in the YouTube channel, Melissa and Logan are also a couple in real life. 

Melissa and Logan run their common channel, Melissa and Logan, whereas the former also has a self-titled channel. So how much is Melissa Estrella's net worth? Details here. 

YouTuber Melissa Estrella's Earnings From YouTube

Estrella and Logan have been frank about their relationship in the media, and they flaunt their relationship on their YouTube channel as well. Their fans and followers love their chemistry. 

Well, there is no official information regarding Estrella's net worth, however, her income from her YouTube Channel can be estimated. According to Social Blade, Malissa and her boyfriend Logan's channel Melissa & Logan earns around $838-$13.4k monthly.

American YouTuber Melissa Estrella SOURCE: Instagram; @melissaa_estrellaa

The source further claimed, its annual revenue is estimated to range from $10.1k to $160.8k. The channel has 665k subscribers and more than 60 million total views.

Moreover, Melissa also earns an alluring sum of money from her self-titled YouTube channel. The channel has more than 60k subscribers and over 600k total views as of September 2019. As per Social Blade, she earns around $48-$775 per month and approximately $582-$9.3k annually from the channel.

Melissa just joined the channel on May 19, 2019, and she has just uploaded 

Starting And Growth Of Melissa Estrella's YouTube Career

Before collaborating with her boyfriend Logan for the YouTube channel, Melissa used to work at Tommy Hilfiger store. Moreover, she also went on a trip to Greece and Italy in early 2016. Shortly after she returned from her overseas tour, she started dating Logan on March 2016.

Melissa Estrella and Logan Beell SOURCE: Instagram; @melissaa_estrellaa

By the end of the year 2016, Melissa and Logan started their channel which as per YouTube's record was on 21st December 2016. They uploaded their first YouTube video, a comedy video titled "Celebrity smash or pass challenge" on 26th January 2017. The video has garnered nearly 340k views. 

By far, the lovebirds have uploaded 220 videos on their channel as of September 17, 2019. The pair mostly uploads comedic videos as well as prank videos.

Quick Facts Of Melissa Estrella

  • Melissa Estrella was born 27th April 1998 in Seattle, Washington.
  • Estrella has a sibling, a brother Lugo Estrella.
  • Melissa Estrella started dating Logan Beell in March 2016.