X-Factor Star Freddi Combs Is No More; Cause Of Death? More On His Relationships And Weight Loss!

News by Mikshya Published on 19 Sep,2021 Updated on 19 Sep,2021

The news of death, be it, people, animals, or things, is never pleasing. The death announcement of the former X Factor star Freddie Combs was the same case. The loss of Freddie Combs shakes the whole world. He will always be in the thoughts and prayers of millions of people.

Scroll down to know the cause of his death: What was he doing during his last days? Scroll down to know everything:

Died From the Kidney Failure In His Late 40s'

Combs was one of the ex-contestants of the music competition The X Factor USA in 2012. He successfully impressed the judges with his audition, where he sang Bette Midler's Wind Beneath My Wings.

Likewise, he appeared on the TLC program Ton of Love. The show was all about him and his wife, who made every possible effort to lose Freddie's weight to a healthy level.

CAPTION: Freddie Combs on The X Factor's audition with his wife SOURCE: Instagram @fredboco

 Over the years, Singer and minister Freddie Combs was suffering from numerous health problems. Unfortunately, he was announced dead on September 17, 2021, Friday at a Florida hospital. The actual reason behind his death was kidney failure.

Weight Loss Journey

The late X Factor star who was performing in a wheelchair won millions of hearts after his audition. Soon, he was eliminated from the show because of his health issues.

Jonesville native faced and battled every health problem due to his weight. As per his wife, he was as much as 417 kg (920 lbs) back in 2009. During that time, he was hospitalized and was near death, and this fear resulted in losing around 400 pounds (181 kg) with the help of exercise and diet.

As per People, Combs' life partner reported that the singing star lost 174 kg (385 pounds) after the COVID-19 pandemic. She even stated:

"I can tell you, I have never been more proud of somebody. Ultimately, the battle with the weight and the fluid over the years contributed to kidney damage and then ultimately kidney failure."

Unfortunately, Freddie left the world due to kidney failure at the age of 49. His fans, along with his close and loved one, were left shocked and numb due to his death news on Friday.

Personal Life; His Wife?

Freddie Combs was born in 1972 in Jonesville, North Carolina, the United States. His parents are Leslie and Nancy Rife.

The late celebrity spent his childhood with his siblings, Carrie Rife and Kristina Rife (Andrew). He spent  his entire life preaching the gospel and praising Lord Jesus Christ.

CAPTION: Freddie Combs with his family SOURCE: Instagram @fredboco

Talking about his personal life, The X Factor Season 2 star was married to Katrina (Kay) Combs. He was never left him alone till his last breath and supported him in every decision made by him. 

As per TMZ, Kay revealed that Combs vigorously worked over the past ten years to lose more than 226 kg. She further reported how she feels lucky to be his wife for 25 years and be his best friend.

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