Why Teri Polos' Wish for second Marriage Never Came True, Her Dating History

News by Saburo Published on 10 Jun,2017 Updated on 11 Jun,2018

Teri Polo is an actress known for her role in I'm With Her. She also played Helen Santos in the series The West Wind. And currently, she plays the role of police officer Stef Adams Foster in the series The Fosters, an ABC Family series.

Today we talk about Teri's relationship and her dating history. Ever wanted to know who Teri polo's boyfriend is, or whether or not she is married? Well, this is your chance! We've got all the answers. 

Is Teri Polo Married After Her First Divorce?

Teri Polo was married once but now she is divorced. She married Anthony Morre in April 1997 after they met in 1995. The couple didn't take a long time to know each other before getting hitched. That could be the reason for their divorce, they married the wrong person. 

Teri Polo and  Anthony Morre

Teri Polo and  Anthony Morre


So, after an almost 8-year long marriage, they got divorced in 2005. The couple has a son named Griffin Moore as a result of their marriage.

After four years of her divorce, Teri considered remarrying. She even issued a statement saying: 

I’m considering getting married again. I’ve not lost faith in that institution. I’m older; I’m smarter. I’m no longer searching for something to complete me…and therefore I’m now able to find someone to be a partner with.

The Wedding Bell actress was ready for a new wedding once again. Who was it this time? Time for a new road!

Did A Second Marriage Happen For Teri Polo?

Teri Polo did find love once again in 2006 while on a video shoot. It was the drummer Jamie Wollam. The couple shares a baby girl as well.

However, wedding gowns, wedding cake and 'I do' and other wedding whatnots never happened. The wedding never happened. They did get to a live-in together relationship stage.

Teri Polo and Jamie Wollam

Teri Polo and Jamie Wollam


Their daughter Bayley Wollam was born in 2007. Even with a daughter and a son from the drummer's previous relationship, their love did not last longer than five years. And by 2012 the duo was living together.



It's sad to think that Teri Polo didn't find the kind of love she was looking for in Jamie Wollam or her first husband, but we are pretty sure she's moved on and living happily now. They say third time is the charm! Who knows! Here are five interesting facts about Teri Polo you may be interested to read. 

Teri Polo seems to be happy with her life as she has three dogs and a brilliant For more celebrity gossip, keep coming back to Article bio.