Teri Polo married with Jamie Wollam, the couple Living with 2 Children. Where is her Ex-Husband Now?

Theresa Elizabeth is better known as Tori Polo. Teri is a 47-year-old American actress. Married, divorced, and separated from a serious relationship, Tori has two children. 

She currently plays the lead role, of Stef Adams Foster in the series The Fosters, which airs on the ABC family and has been recently renamed Freeform.

Apart from The Fosters, her other works include a recurring role in the drama series 'The West Wing, Meet the Parent Trilogy, and a role in the popular sitcom 'I'm with her. She has also been in the 2005 issue of Playboy magazine. She has been married and divorced from Anthony Moore. 

Who is Tori polo's husband now? 

In Hollywood, divorces, and multiple marriages are like an interconnected chain of events. Only a few people are monogamous and enjoy a healthy happy marriage life. So, it is no wonder that Tori Polo also has had an unsuccessful marriage as well.

Her first marriage was to Anthony Moore, a photographer, and an actor. They got married in April 1997. Tori eloped to Vegas with Anthony after Anthony proposed to her in a Sears store. 

The couple divorced in 2005

They have a son named Griffin together. She gave birth to Griffin in 2002. The couple divorced in 2005. 

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Tori then met Jamie Wollam on the set for a video in 2006. Jamie Wollam is a drummer for bands like Avion, Drake Bell, and Venice. Jamie and Teri have a daughter Bayley together. Bayley was born in 2007. Tori and Jamie are now separated. They have been living separately since 2012.

Jamie's son

Her then-boyfriend Jamie already had a son named Carter when they met. As per where Jamie Wollam is right now, there isn't much information about that. However, he has returned to Twitter recently and is seen performing.

Tori filed for bankruptcy in 2014. She declared her assets were worth lower than $50,000 while were debts exceeded $8000, 000.

What is Tori up to Recently?

ABC has renewed The Fosters for a fifth season where Tori plays the lead. The announcement came out on January 10th of 2017, so she must be busy preparing to film. As seen on Twitter, she is also busy promoting adoption instead of shopping of dogs, pit bulls in particular. She has 3 dogs of her own.

Life is pretty good... #pitsarepeopletoo #SaveThemAll #AdoptDontShop #pits #Geronimo ?? pic.twitter.com/M7Iq0IQnUZ

— Teri Polo (@TeriPolo1) October 29, 20

Tori has managed to come out of her two bad relationships, bankruptcy, and is rearing 2 children with a career in Hollywood. We must applaud her for that. 


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