Where Is Kimberly Fey Right Now? Ex-Wife of Donnie Wahlberg, Divorced In 2010-What Is Her Current Relationship Status?

News by Clarence Published on 12 May,2017 Updated on 07 Sep,2021

Kimberly Fey, an American singer/record engineer, also appears in several movies. She previously married Donnie Wahlberg, a popular actor, and singer, for nine years. The couple divorced in September 2010.      

After the divorce from Kimberly, Donnie married  Jenny McCarthy in 2014 but what about Kim? Has she moved on with her life and married someone or is she in a relationship? We have all the answers for you here,

Has Kimberly Married Again After Divorcing Donnie Wahlberg? What Is Her Relationship Status? 

Kimberly Fey hasn't got married again after divorcing Donnie Wahlberg. Fey hasn't even been on media much, not even a bit! Kimberly seems to be taking her time with a second marriage. Or, it could very well be that she hasn't found the right match.

Kimberly Fey maybe doesn't enjoy media attention as much as Donnie Wahlberg and she keeps a low profile. She does have two kids with Wahlberg whom she takes care of. That might be one reason why she has still not brought any man into her life! After their divorce, Kimberly is totally away from the media. But, as per some online sources, it is reported that Kim and her ex-husband Donnie are good friends with each other. 

Fey is also not a social media person which is why it becomes much hard to trace out further about her love life. Probably, she is single now. 

Whereas Donnie has moved in his life, the year of the divorce, 2010, Wahlberg dated American singer Aubrey O’Day.  Right now, he is married to Jenny McCarthy. The couple dated nearly a year before getting married in 2014.

Kimberly And Donnie, The Divorced Couple

Kimberly and Donnie dated for around eight and a half years before getting married on 2oth April 1999. Kim has had two children with him.

Their first child, a son named Alexander Xavier, was born on 4 March 1993. After seven years, they gave birth to their second child, Elijah Hendrix; he was born on 20 August 2001.

Despite being nearly two decades together the couple filed for a divorce in 2008. Then the court finalized their divorce on 28th September 2010. The couple cited 'irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce in court papers.



Kimberly Fey earned the sole physical and legal custody of her children. However, Wahlberg got to keep his visiting rights and thus he still meets his children frequently.

If there's any news about Kimberly's new relationship or something else, something major that happens we'll surely update you!