Vili Fualaau who married His Teacher Mary when He Was a Student Files for Separation after 12 Year

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 31 May,2017 Updated on 04 Jun,2017

Mary Kay Letourneau has asked the court to dismiss the case filed by her husband Vili Fualaau.

The case was filed by Vili for separation.

Source: Fox25

After 12 years of their marriage, Vili filed for divorce according to the documents declared. Well, Mary’s documents have no signs of basis to move for separation.

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She wants the case to be dismissed.  On the other, and Vili’s lawyer says that Villi will move with what he wants and there is no sign of dismissal of the case.

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When asked about if the petition of separation was a way to go for divorce, his lawyer did not comment on that. Commenting on Mary his lawyer said Mary has no basis to stop Vile’s decision of separation unless we are missing something.

Source: NYdailynews

Mary served 7 years in jail when she was 34 for having sex with her then student vile who was 13 years old. Later they got married and they have 2 kids.