The Second Child of Vili Fualaau and Mary, Georgia Is 18. Spotted With Vili after Filing seperation

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 01 Jun,2017 Updated on 06 Aug,2017

Vili Fualaau has now filed for separation with wife Mary Kay Letourneau.

Vili who sexually engaged himself with his teacher who later became his wife.

Source: NYdailynews

 He was 13 then Mary was prisoned for 7 years for sexually abusing the underage boy. In those 7 years of jail, she gave birth to Georgia who is supposed to be the daughter of Vili.

 Now their daughter Georgia is 18 years old and she was recently spotted with vili doing some shopping. Georgia does not seem to be Vili’s daughter as they have very fewer age gaps.

Source: Dailymail

After Vili filed for separation, Mary gave some confusing and strange reasons and wanted the petition to be dismissed.


 The two were caught making out in a car after Mary served three months in jail. Mary was again put in jail for seven years after the act and then was born Georgia as the second child of Vili and Mary after Audrey who is their first child.