Three reasons why business Journalist Steph McGovern is still possibly single!

News by Clarence Published on 12 May,2017 Updated on 03 Aug,2017

Business journalist, Steph McGovern is currently the main business presenter for BBC Breakfast. She is hugely popular as a business journalist.

Renowned television personality and journalist, McGovern, is 34 and successful and she is still possibly single! Even with so much fame, her personal life is kept under blankets. We have some details for here!

Here are the three reasons why McGovern is still single

1. McGovern is busy being successful

McGovern seems busy in uplifting her career than in finding a man to love. How strange!  A woman who is successful and doesn't need a man, isn't that a sin now? 

Steph McGovern with Prince  William and Kate Middleton

According to BBC Biography, from the young age of 19, McGovern showed signs of a great career ahead. She won the title of Young Engineer for Britain after saving white Black and Decker over £1m by improving products techniques.

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She started her career with a guest appearance in BBC on a program about women science when she was only 19.And currently, she is the main business presenter of BBC Breakfast News. She has dedicated her 15 years for this present success.

Steph McGovern

Talented McGovern now has established herself as a successful journalist.

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But, as she doesn't seem to be having affairs with her colleagues, getting married, having children or retiring from TV anytime, soon, all her success is of course not worth it!

2. Have heard of the phrase 'Her life her choice'?

McGovern is an accomplished journalist, and as a human being she is beautiful, both in and out,  but since a since a beautiful, successful woman can't remain without a man, let's try to put why McGovern is still single into some perspective.

Steph McGovern with aspiring entrepreneur school girls

Oh! I got it! It's her choice to remain single or not, so that might primarily be why we don't know of her husband or boyfriend or something so important like that!

 Her contribution to journalism means absolutely nothing as she isn't in a relationship! Sad! 

3. Or, she just wants to keep the prying noses away!

One thing about smart women is that they are hard to outsmart! Step McGovern seems like she isn't involved with anyone when she could very well be already married.
Maybe, she just wants to enjoy both personal and professional life, as media will make it all about her family once she opens up about her love life. 

When and if she ever says anything about that part of her life, is the only time we'll ever know about it! So keep your prying noses away and let the lady live!!