Steph McGovern makes fun of Dan Walker on the set of BBC Breakfast

News by Bartle Published on 21 May,2016 Updated on 05 Feb,2017

BBC Breakfast is presented live from MediacityUK which comprises a mixture of news, sports, breaking news, business, feature items, and weather. On April 20, 2016, there was giggling on the BBC Breakfast couch when Steph McGovern was diverted by something between partner Dan Walker's legs. The business reporter, who was on the project close by Dan and Louise Minchin, had been discussing Tata Steel when she conceded she had been distracted.

Steph McGovern is currently the main business presenter for BBC News .She is fun loving and best at what she does. She is not married yet and at the top of her career with the decent salary. Dan Walker is an English journalist and TV presenter is known for presenting BBC programs including BBC breakfast and Football Focus. Recently, he was on the news when he replaced Bill Turnbull as presenter of BBC breakfast. Both of them are the best TV presenter for BBC News. Recently, the funny incident between them was fun to watch.

The interview was going smoothly when Steph could not stop her curiosity and asked Dan whether he is holding a pen between his knees and is that the place where he puts his pen. While the camera focuses on Dan’s legs, it was indeed his knee. As Louise chuckled, Dan conceded, Steph has done an amazingly good job to notice that. Further, Dan replied that he was conscious that sometime he had to hold the pen so he thought of sneaking it there. On which Steph replied that was some fact which she didn’t know about him. Louise was enjoying and giggling between the conversation of Steph and Dan.

The conversation between them was very entertaining as well as funny to watch. It looked like they both enjoyed that little conversation and a little break from their show. Later on, Dan took to Twitter to joke about the occasion, composing: "That @stephbreakfast has given away my mystery pen holding territory #PenKneeForYourThoughts."