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American actor, Steven Strait is a well-known fashion model and rock singer as well. Steven has appeared in movies like Sky High, The Covenant, and after. Steve has also been seen in television series like Chase, Magic City, and Revenge. Steve is adored by his viewers for his masculine body and his acting abilities. Steven took acting cla s ses and has contributed to seven songs of the Undiscovered soundtrack. He was cast in the lead role of James "Jim" Holden in the Syfy science fiction series The Expanse that began airing in December 2015.

He has been married to actress Lynn Collins from December 23, 2007, until 2013.

Early Life And Education Of Steve Strait

Born on March 23, 1986, Steve Strait, is of half English and half Italian ethnicity. Steve was born and raised in Greenwich Village, New York City, New York by his mother, Jean, who was a highly belted practitioner of Karate and father Richard Dyer Strait.

Steven Strait’s paternal grandparents were Burton Anderson Strait, Jr and Rhoda Hills. Steve had an early interest in sports, first in basketball and in boxing and karate.

Steven attended the Village Community School, where he engaged in acting in a musical. Steve was observed by modeling managers and did a few commercial gigs at the tender age of 13.

Strait then attended Manhattan’s Xavier High School, where he made a decision to continue his acting, music, and modeling career. Then with the help of Boss Models head, John Bobin, he became a model for the agency.

Soon enough Steve started appearing in photo campaigns for illustrious clothiers like Harlequin and Hollister.  At the age of 14, Steven took the path towards acting and joined Stella Adler Conservatory and then at Black Nexus.

Steve Strait's Career

Steven’s first appearance was in a New York-based TV series called Third Watch ( 1999 to 2005) as character Bobby Caffey as a teenager on a February 2001 episode.

In 2003, Steve joined Hollywood’s elite talent agency, International Creative Management. Then in 2004, Steve graduated from Xavier High. No longer after appearing in TV Series, Steven was cast on the big screen, Disney family comedy “Sky High” ( July 2005) which was about teen superheroes. She was cast along with Mary Elizabeth WinsteadDanielle Panabaker,  Michael Angarano, and others. 

During the filming of Sky High, Steven was called for his second movie, Undiscovered which was about the lives of an interconnected group of struggling actors and musicians. Steven appeared charming in long hair for his character Luke Falcon who was a budding songwriter who moves from New York to Los Angeles in search of success and fame as a musician.

Sky High was a mediocre hit but Undiscovered sank to the bottom with viewers criticizing like wolves. However, Steven had contributed a total of seven songs from the soundtrack’s 15-track release, and thus the viewers noted him for his singing ability rather than his acting in the movie Undiscovered.

The movie’s soundtrack was put out by the Lakeshore Records label which promptly signed Steven and his band, Tribe when his "undiscovered" talent of singing was ripped open.

In 2006, Steven appeared in the movie named The Covenant, a Renny Harlin’s supernatural thriller. Steven played the character, Caleb Danvers who is one of the four friends and descendent of New England witches.

Soon after, Steve was seen in a Roland Emmerich movie named 10000 B.C where he was character D’Leh, who was a prehistoric mammoth hunter who goes on a continent-crossing trek to save his tribe from total extinction. Steven was not completely acknowledged for his role.

In 2008, Steven had a minor role in the Iraq war-time drama Stop Loss. In 2009, Steven was seen in the dysfunctional family drama City Island as character Andy Garcia’s illegitimate son.  

Steve became a regular on the TV series Magic City where he played character Stevie Evans, who is a charming “bad boy” son of character Ike Evans. The series is about glamour, sex, power, and crime on the shores of Miami in the late 1950s.

Steven guest-starred as character Jackson cooper in the NBC series Chase. In 2012, Steven played the character, Freddy, in the Sci-fi thriller After. In 2013, Steven appeared in a drama movie, sleeping with the Fishes as character Dominic Sebastiani.

Recently in 2014, Steven was also seen in two episodes of the American primetime television series, Revenge as character Brooks.

Steven Strait was going to play Jacob Black in the New Moon (Twilight saga) movie and many of his shirtless pictures, similar not that of Taylor Lautner (character Jacob Black) was viral on the internet, but later it was confirmed that Taylor would once again be playing the role of Jacob Black.

Steve Strait's Net Worth And Salary

As of 2018 Steven Strait's net worth has not been revealed yet but is expected to be close to millions. He has a great earning salary from his working career.

His movie, 10,000 BC has grossed $269.7 million worldwide. His other movie, The Covenant has also grossed $37.5 million worldwide. His movie, City Island grossed $7.8 million at the box office. His movie Sky High grossed $86.4 million at the box office.

Steve Strait's Personal Life

Steven is tall with a height of six feet and two inches and is about 28 years old.  For his boyish smile, Steven is often mistaken as gay but it is certainly not so as he is married to actress Lynn Collins who is in the X-Men: Origins film.

Steven and his much older wife started dating in 2006 and were married on December 23, 2007, and have been together for six and a half years. The couple does not have any children. Steven Strait is doing quite well in his acting career.

He is famous on many sites including wiki and it is certain that more of him will be seen by the viewers in near future. 

Steve Strait's Body Measurements 

  • Steve Strait's height: He has a height of 6' 1" (1.88m).
  • Weight: 77 kg/ 169.7Ilb
  • Hair Color: Blonde 
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Age: As of 2018, she is 32 years old. 

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