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October Kingsley is an American actress, writer, director, and producer most known for starring in, writing, directing, and producing the 2009 thriller The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi.  According to the IMDb, she is one of Hollywood's top emerging film producers and actresses. 

October Kingsley: Early Life And Education

Like her character in The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi, October's real life is shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. Not much is known about the actress-director, not even her age, birthdate, or parents. 

According to sources, she is officially billed as standing at 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters).  

What is known about her education is that she is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) -- where she received a double Major in Philosophy and Psychology. Kingsley also studied drama at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, California.  

Kingsley made her on-screen debut as Heather Goth in the 2000 drama short, The White Room

Starred In, Wrote, Directed, And Produced The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi  

October Kingsley is mostly known as the star as well as the writer, director, and producer of the 2009 thriller, The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi. 

October Kingsley as Dr. Anna Fugazzi in 2009's The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi SOURCE: Troma

She played the titular character, Dr. Anna Fugazzi, and co-starred opposite the Oscar-winning actress Faye Dunaway. The official synopsis of the movie, according to IMDb, reads:

"Dr. Anna Fugazzi seems to have the perfect life, but her deepest, darkest secret is beginning to resurface and only Detective Rowland can bring her back from the edge."

The movie was released on March 31, 2009, and was panned by critics and fans alike. Nonetheless, the movie has since achieved cult status.    

Besides that, Kingsley is also known for her work producing and directing television commercials and music videos. Most recently, she also stepped in as the creator and writer of the sci-fi mystery drama series Broken Dolls.  

As for her personal life and relationship status, the emerging star lives a very private life and almost nothing is revealed about her personal relationships. 

Estimated To Have A Net Worth Of $200 Thousand 

Kingsley is estimated to have a net worth of $200 thousand. In her career as an actress, writer, director, and producer, the only thing of any significance she has done is the 2009 thriller, The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi. Not only did she star as the titular character, Dr. Anna Fugazzi, but she also wrote, directed, and produced the film. As such, most of the profits of the movie went into her pocket. 

Besides that, Kingsley also directs television commercials and music videos and recently created, wrote, and directed the sci-fi mystery drama series Broken Dolls

In addition, she is also an active philanthropist and is a supporter of various charitable organizations.

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