Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire's Dirty Legal Fight For The Custody of Their Son 'Harper'

News by Saburo Published on 23 May,2017 Updated on 29 Jun,2017

A single mom of two, Nicole Curtis is still fighting for the custody of her child Harper with her ex- boyfriend Shane Maguire. The Rehab addict star has been knocking the doors of courts since 2015. Maguire filed his six-month notion against Nicole this April.

Let's find out the relationship of the HGTV star and her boyfriend Maguire which has come to an end with a lot of issues. And what was the reason for the split? We have all the dirt, exclusive dirt!

Shocking Reasons For The Rehab Addict Star, Nicole Curtis, and Shane Maguire To End Their Relationship

This relationship ended in quite a confusing way. There are a lot of fingers being pointed. Amidst this confusion and blame game, Maguire has claimed that their differences started about breastfeeding the child. Apparently, Maguire didn't like Curtis breastfeeding their child.

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Rehab addict star Nicole Curtis and her son Harper

Nicole Curtis and Harper


Well, that's the decision of the mother of a child there's no point in arguing with it.

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Whereas according to Maguire the reason for the split was due to the HGTV's busy schedule and her being careless. He has a point too. There is so much of blame game going on, it's hard to know who the real victim is!

Nicole Curtis and shane Maguire

Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire


After the split, the former duo is fighting for the custody of their child. Let's go to the depth of the issue and find out who gets the custody of the young Harper.

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Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire's Dirty Legal Fight Over Custody of Their Son 'Harper'

The fight for the custody is still on even though Nicole has already got the custody of the child. However, there had been some issues lately, apparently, Nicole does not want Harper's father Maguire to come near Harper while according to the lawsuit, the gold man Maguire has been granted with some visiting time.

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Shane Maguire

Shane Maguire


Due to which the fight is still going on as Maguire has filed a lawsuit that his right to visit his child granted by the court. 

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During the case in court, it came out that Maguire hadn't been allowed to meet his son since February.

With all these things going on Curtis has not responded to the court at all.

And  Maguire's lawyer has stated that;

"Shane just wants a relationship with his child and doesn't have a desire to take Nicole to court,". "He thinks his son should have a relationship with both parents."

Whatever may be going on between this former duo it does not seem like Curtis wants her former boyfriend to meet his kid at all.

We hope everything between this two gets fixed and they come to an agreement. They should be thinking about the kid in all this! For more updates on this matter keep coming back to Article Bio.