Nicole Curtis and her secret behind husband reality and rumor

Nicole Curtis is popular being as a hostess of HGTV Rehab Addict is popular with her presentation that made her attract more her fan following in real stage as well as in social sites. There is news for her fans and about her present life. 

As according to her, she mentioned on her social sites that she is pregnant recently. Further, she also dictated that it took many times to make it right and this Monday she shared her success among her fans from the sites. Her fans and closes her congratulated with his ranking of comments and wishing over her account.

Nicole Curtis' Secret Husband Revealed

The report mentioned within the People, also further clarified her picture with a dog that was taken from her personal Facebook account of her, this 38 years old lady seems happy and successful with the very news. After the birth of the second child news of pregnancy from her husband was a big surprise for him for the very moment.

For the first time Curtis was pregnant in the year 2014 and with the second child in 2015, now she is planning to welcome her third child in the year 2016. As according to her husband in one of the interview he mentioned that, Nicole was very scared during her second pregnancy but she is more confident this time.

After getting into a long-term affair with Shane Maguire. Nicole also stated that during the Second Child name there was a huge discussion among the couple with the naming of the baby but now they are planning to take advice from their family and relatives with the laughing version dictated by her, they are planning for more success of the family.


Nicole Curtis' Love Affair History

Nicole was very happy after getting married having a long affair. They were having an awesome time with each other memorizing their moments. Even, she mentioned in one of the reports that she never had an affair during her early life and with the short affair she directly got married to her current husband.


Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire's Dirty Legal Fight For The Custody of Their Son 'Harper'

Her husband is also planning to gift her diamond after the news of the third baby and her posts within the social networking sites also seems very happy with her present married life. There is no any regards relating the divorce among the couple, therefore they are greatly planning to welcome their baby.

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Nicole is also planning to throw a party soon. As they are also seen in the public places with spending their personal time her fans are also happy with her stable married life and ongoing relationship. Nicole in her posts also seems very good looking and healthy with her feet and balanced body.

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Congratulation! Nicole for the great news.

Nicole Curtis' Quick Facts 

  • She was born on August 20, 1976,  in Lake Orion Michigan. 
  • She graduated from the Lake Orion High school in 1994.
  • Her parents had a home renovation business in Detroit too.
  • She is most popular for hosting home renovation show Rehab Addict and Beach Flip.
  • She has an estimated net worth of around $7 million, in 2019.


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