Nicole Curtis: Struggling Single Mom and Rehab Addict

Nicole Curtis is known best for her show named Rehab Addict which airs on DIY and HGTV. It is a home renovation, preservation, and restoration show which features the rehabilitation of old existing architecture.

Her rehabbed homes are present in Minnesota, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Michigan, Detroit as well as Ohio. This Show started airing on October 14, 2010, and has completed four seasons already.

Nicole Curtis, A Struggling Mom

Just a few years ago, she was a struggling mom who had to make people believe in what she did by doing some hard work. Now, however, she is a busy woman but is capable of handling her life properly after rising into the heights of fame.


Nicole Curtis and her son Harper, Source:

Nicole hasn’t been married and doesn’t seem to do so anytime soon. This struggling single mom and the host and producer of Rehab Addict has achieved a lot at the age of 39 and will surely continue to do so on her upcoming seasons. There was a rumor she is pregnant but later she announced saying in Twitter YES I AM and I am expecting a baby child. 


Nicole grew up in Lake Orion, Michigan with a family who owned a garbage business. That is where she learned how to recycle things and make it into good use. She graduated from the Lake Orion High School in 1994. She attended colleges in Florida, Michigan, and Georgia and had her son before her graduation.

The whereabouts of the son’s father are unknown. Her son Ethan, she and her two dogs currently live in a renovated home, which is situated in Detroit.

Nicole Curtis: A Host of Rehab Addict

Nicole is the executive producer of Rehab Addict and the show is constantly filming. Apart from that she is a homemaker, a mother, an investor and is handling a lot of things at once. She was thus a struggling single mom to her 16-year-old son but is now handling her career as well as her home incredibly well.


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Owing to her education and her family business, she has skills that show people how things that are considered to be waste or garbage can be renewed, recycled and reused just like the houses she has renovated. Till now she has renovated a huge number of mansions, houses and other old architectures to give it all new look and make it habitable.

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Nicole attributes her renovating skills to her poor childhood and her family business of recycling waste. From a small age, she learned how to recycle and reuse things and her interest gradually shifted into architectural buildings. This incredibly talented versatile personality not only preaches but is following what she shows on screen.

She herself lives in a home which was in ruins recently after being made on 1904. She renovated the house and made it habitable. This home situated in Detroit houses her son and two dogs. Her show also portrays how she makes her family members, as well as friends and stars like LeBron James, believe in her work and support her.



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