Morena Baccarin's Ex-Husband Austin Chick's Net worth in 2017, Details about his career and Personal Life!

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Despite having a short career in Hollywood Industry, Austin Chick has earned name and fame. His 2008 film   XY/XY premiered at the Sundance Film Festiva helped to increase his status in Hollywood. Austin Chick. Hartford, Connecticut born actor is a film director, producer, and screenwriter. With such a multiverse and successful career, Austin definitely has an envy-worthy net worth. 

We're discussing the details about his salary and net worth. To some extent, we will also let you know how this 46-year-old handsome hunk reached the peak of the success in his career.

How Much Is Austin Chick’s Net Worth?

Austin Chick has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He earned the major part of his wealth through his career in screenwriting, film directing, and a producing. Chick stepped into the film industry in 2002. XX/XY is the first major film he wrote and directed, the movie starred Mark Ruffalo and Kathleen Robertson.

Morena Baccarin's ex-husband, Austin chick

Image: Morena Baccarin's ex-husband, Austin Chick

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XX/XY was an independent production that was shown at the 2002 Sundance Film festival. The film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize and later taker took up by IFC Films. Austin was nominated for an Audience Award at the SXSW Film Festival in 2012 for Girls Against Boys.

Austin Chick also produced, Sidney Lumet’s 2007 film Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. The film starred Ethan Hawke and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He then produced a movie entitled August, released by Content Film International in the year 2008.

Austin Chick’s Unsuccessful Married Life

Austin Chick married actress Morena Baccarin on Thanksgiving day in November 2011. Together they have a son named, Julius, who was born on 22nd October 2013, in Glendale, California. The twosome was pictured at the People’s Choice Awards in January 2013, briefly after announcing their baby boy.

Austin Chick, Homeland actress wife-Morena Baccarin

Image: Austin Chick, Homeland actress wife-Morena Baccarin

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Morena  Baccarin is famous for featuring as Jessica Brody, Damian Lewis’ ex-wife in Homeland. Baccarin headed for a potentially costly divorce after four years of marriage. Their relationship turned bitter since the fall of 2013. Austin filed for divorce from Brazilian beauty, Morena Baccarin in July 2015, due to irreconcilable differences.

Austin Chick argued that Morena’s constant traveling to work is likely to have an unhealthy impact on one-year-old son Julius’ well being. Beyond that, Thirty-eight-year-old actress’s could not afford time for her husband and son. According to TMZ, Austin Chick sought for physical custody of Julius as well as a cut of her apparent $1.5 million yearly salaries.

Morena Baccarin was asked $20, 349 for spousal support each month and $2, 693 in child support. She was even told to cover nanny expenses of up to $3, 000 per month in the agreement-documents. The couple's divorce was made official by March 2016, however, the financial settlement remained pending. Not much about the divorce settlement has been disclosed as of yet. 

Morena Baccarin announces pregnancy with then husband Ben McKenzie

Image: Morena Baccarin announces pregnancy with then-husband Ben McKenzie 


Weeks after Morena and her now-husband Ben McKenzie welcomed their baby daughter Frances Laiz Setta Schenkkan, Austin Chick told TMZ

“This places the moment of conception right in the first week of June 2015. She was telling me she wanted to work on our marriage and well before we stopped sharing a bed”.

The Homeland starlet Morena had mentioned in divorce papers:

“I am in a new committed relationship and planning to re-marry. Also, I’m 3 and a half month pregnant”.

Morena and her Gotham star husband, Ben McKenzie welcomed their daughter on 2nd March 2016. But it seems like Morena and her ex-husband Austin Chick still have some bills to clear out! 

Austin Chick And Morena Baccarin's Divorce Settlement

Director Austin Chick and his ex-wife Morena Baccarin agreed to split their properties after their divorce was finalized. The settlement gave Chick a Gotham Homeland and Deadpool including a once-off check for $406,000.

On the other hand, Baccarin was provided with their 2001 Lexus. Actress Morena reportedly has impressive earnings of $90k per month which is pretty high as compared to her ex-husband who earns an approximate $1,375 a month. This might be one of the reasons Chick was given more part from their property as the settlement.

Quick facts about Austin Chick

  • Austin Chick is an American film producer born on 1974 in Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.
  • Austin Chick graduated in cinematography from SUNY Purchase Film School in Purchase New York.
  • Austin Chick was nominated for two films till date.
  • Austin Chick wrote and directed Girls Against Boys in 2012.