Model Catalina White, WWE Wrestler Jack Swagger's Wife, is happily married for 6 years now

News by Saburo Published on 07 Nov,2016 Updated on 24 Oct,2019

WWE Wrestler Jake Hager, Jr. AKA Jack Swagger tied the knot with long-term girlfriend turned wife WWE formative diva Catalina White throughout the weekend in Florida in December 2010. She, however, is also known for her modeling ventures.

 As of now, it has already been a long time since Catalina and Jack exchanged the wedding vows, so, how is their marital life going on? Are they still together and able to maintain a healthy conjugal life or have already separated?

WWE Wrestler Jack Swagger's Wife: Model Catalina White

Catalina White' husband of nine years, Jack Swagger, gets ready to guard America's respect at Summer Slam when he goes up against the lumbering Hero of the Russian Federation, Rusev, in a Flag Match on Sunday. Jack was dating Catalina, who has a sex tape out there on the internet. Catalina White additionally uncovered on her twitter account that she's dating Jack Swagger.

           Model Catalina White is married to wrestler Jack Swagger

Catalina's better half and father of her youngster are the solitary Superstar to have scored a win of any sort — but, an exclusion triumph — over the Bulgarian-conceived Russian icon. She and the heavyweight wrestler are the pleased guardians of a youthful kid; however, her hubby is by all account, not the only one who knows how to move around the ring.

Catalina's ring name was Saylor James with the WWE. Their adult tape was leaked in 2009. A year after the incident, the got married in late 2010.

                                  Jack Swagger is the father of a kid, Knox Stribling Hager

Catalina brought forth the couple's first kid, a child, Knox Stribling Hager, in October of 2011, so she's caught up with being a mother now. She is now the mother of two kids. Jack Swagger's better half is involved in the adult industry while Jack Swagger does another web appear.

Catalina White was Jack's camera lady and "supermodel" wife. 

Catalina White Is Happily Married For Almost A Decade

Jack is hesitant on talking about his private life in the media. Very little is thought about his own life to the sensationalist newspapers. He has not had numerous lady friends in the past and is not seen with multiple to date.

Jack always tries to keep his personal details regarding his marital and affairs away from the media.


                         Jack Swagger, his wife Catalina and their son Knox on Halloween 

After welcoming the first child, the duo went ahead to have their second tyke, a little girl named Presley Pearl, on May 18, 2015. There have not been numerous bits of gossip to date about new affair undertakings from both of the gatherings.

Jack is living joyfully with his companion and kids in Tampa, Florida, United States. With everything taken into account, Swagger has possessed the capacity to keep his family cheerful.

As of now, it has been almost a decade since Jack and Catalina tied the knot and is still maintaining a healthy marital life. There is no issues of divorce or separation issues of the pair disclosed in the media.