Mike Thalassitis' ex Robyn Delabarre offered the Romantic trip to Parris as Tyla Carr,Know in Detail

News by Saburo Published on 30 Jul,2017 Updated on 30 Jul,2017

If you follow love Island, a British love reality show then you might be familiar with Mike Thalassitis and Tyla Carr. As rumored, Mike Thalassitis approached Tyla Carr to take her a romantic trip to Paris. How thoughtful and romantic of him, right?

Oh but wait! This does not end here because we also know that Robyn Delabarre was his girlfriend before the reality show but now the story seems to be different. Wouldn’t you want to know what all the fuss is about?

 Mike Thalassitis Wants To Take Tyla Carr To Paris

Apparently, it seems that Mike knows well to woo woman but using same pickup lines! Well, according to The Sun Online Robyn said:

"He made the same promises to me and Tyla, like talking about romantic trips to Paris. I wonder how many more women he’s made this kind of promises too? 

Adding up to it she said that

"Mike was so charming and lovely at first. We had an amazing night together and he was ringing me and texting me afterward – I really fell for him"

She further went on to expose her Ex lover towards her fans as

"But now I realize he’s mugged me off and I think he’ll do the same to other women. It’s all just one big act with Mike."


The bitter revelation from Robin was: 

 'He knows who I am, he slept with me. He made me feel special. I was telling all my friends how lovely he was but now I know that's not true.'

Love island, Mike Thalassistis, Robyn Delabarre, Mugged

Mike Thalassistis and Robyn Delabarre


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Mike Thalassitis and Tyla Carr’s Relationship

After re-coupling happened on the show Mike and Tyla had a little chit chat and gradually they ended up kissing.

Mike said to Tyal

“I told you, I promised you I would come if it happened to give you a kiss on the cheek. Do you want another one? I want one on lips.

Tyla being perplexed replied

“You’ll get red lipstick everywhere. I’m not the one to go in for a kiss. If you want to do something then…” then Mike said that he doesn't care.

Mike Thalassitis, Tyla Carr, Kiss, Love island

Mike and Tyla kissing on love reality show Love Island 

Source: The Sun 

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Recently, the couple is out as they got the lowest number of votes in the villa. Well, this was how it happened and we hope this time Mike actually proves his words.