Luke Walton Accused Of Sexual Assault

News by Luna Published on 23 Apr,2019

A Female Sports Reporter Has Accused American Professional Basketball Coach Luke Walton Of Sexual Assault In A Lawsuit.

  • Kelli Tennant accused Luke Walton of sexual assault.
  • Kelli revealed that she was pinned and groped by him in his hotel room.
  • The incident occurred back in 2016.
  • Luke is working as a coach for Sacramento Kings.

On 22nd April, Monday night, TMZ reported that female sports reporter Kelli Tennant had filed legal documents suing Luke Walton. As per TMZ reporters, Kelli said that she went to his hotel room to discuss about a book she was writing.

Kelli said that while Luke was working as an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors, he asked her to meet him at his Santa Monica hotel to drop off a book she had published.

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Kelli admitted that the two had a business relationship for several years which is the reason she asked him to write a foreword in her book.

In the legal documents, Kelli revealed that when she arrived at the hotel, Luke convinced her to visit his room so they could catch up.

Luke then pinned her to the bed, kissing her forcibly, and groping her. When Luke released his grasp, she left the room but could hear him saying “Good to see you.”

The incident happened before Walton became the Los Angeles Lakers’ coach in the year 2016. During that time, Kelli worked for Sportsnet LA.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Kelli’s lawyer has declined to answer whether she claimed the alleged assault to police.  

Luke recently joined Sacramento Kings in 2019 after leaving Los Angeles Lakers where he was active from 2016 to 2019.

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