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Kaynette Williams is an American TV personality. Her marital relationship with chart-topping country music star Blake Shelton earned her huge attention. The couple divorced after nearly three years of marriage. As of now, Williams is a math teacher at the elementary school. 

As of now, Williams is dating the world record holder for steer roping, Cody Joe Scheck.

Early Life 

Kaynette Williams was born Kaynette Francis Gern on 20th February 1973 in Oklahoma, United States of America. She belongs to American nationality and ethnicity wise, she is White American. 

It is said that her father was also a news presenter in a local news station. Her mother was working in a private school and she belonged to a wealthy family. 

Williams is also excellent during her academic career as she has a twofold degree in financial matters and human science. She was even interested to work and study fashion designing but all because of her professional excellence she could not become able to give proper time to it.

As a child, Williams used to host programs in her school days as well.

She Is A School Tutor 

Kaynette Williams currently works as a math teacher at an elementary school. Besides, Williams also has a unique voice and had a great career in the field of acting and music. Further information about her profession is yet to be revealed. 

What's Her Net Worth?

Kaynette Williams' net worth is expected to be in millions at present. She has earned a considerable amount of money from her career. But the exact amount of her net worth is yet to be revealed.

And as of 2020, her ex-husband Blake HAS AN estimated net worth of $80 million, according to celebrity net worth. 

In 2014, Kaynette put her wedding dress up for auction on eBay for $700. The seller, however, wasn’t Kaynette, but a friend. There were no bids.

In the year 2016, Blake earned $13 million per season on The Vice and it was also reported in 2019, he made a whopping $14 million for her work on the show. In 2014, the artist was paid $12 million from The Voice Season 6

Happily Married With Husband Blake Shelton

Kaynette Williams is a married woman. She tied the knots with her longtime boyfriend Blake Shelton on 17 November 2003. Shelton is one of the chart-topping country music stars.

He is also mostly known for his appearance on TV's The Voice. A world-renowned singer released his debut single called Austin from his self-titled album Austin. A single went viral reaching No 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.   

Williams was just out of high school she met her beau Blake in their hometown of Ada, Oklahoma. And dated for several years before they exchanged vows at Gatlinburg Tennessee in a small wedding ceremony.

After which with the support of her husband she started making up her career in the field of the entertainment industry. 

Unfortunately, the couple officially got a divorce after three years of marriage in 2006. They don't have a child. Following their divorce, she claimed that her ex-spouse was "guilty of inappropriate marital conduct."

After their divorce from Shelton, Kaynette moved to Oklahoma from Tennessee where she started working at an elementary school as a math teacher. 

Currently Dating Cody Joe Scheck

Williams is now dating the world record holder for steer roping, Cody Joe Scheck.

While viewing her Facebook it also seems that she is married to her boyfriend as she has preferred to write Kaynette Scheck instead of Kaynette Williams. However, they are yet to confirm the news of their marriage.

She is also a s sociated with the organization as a women's rights activist. She is noted as working for the issues reflecting the problems of women.

Williams loves writing and literature is her pa s sion. Though a number of guesses and random stories are made up regarding her sexuality the fact is not real at all.

On the other hand, the singer Shelton married his second wife, Marinda Lambert, in 2011. But, their relationship also ended in divorce after four years of marriage. As of now, the musician is dating his long-time girlfriend Gwen Stefani

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