Jill Rhodes, the wife of FOX Channel's Radio host Sean Hannity, is still unknown to the public!

There is a great buzz going around and the curiosity has reached a great level about not knowing journalist Jill Rhodes deeply who is married to another FOX channel's radio host Sean Hannity. We are a great surprise to know that Jill Rhodes who is the wife of a very popular American journalist Sean Hannity is still unknown to the public.

Sean Hannity's married life with Jill Rhodes And Their children

These days, some information about this American Celebrity's wife has been found. It seems like she is among those celebrities who like to keep things secret as she has not revealed any information regarding her personal life. Similarly, her educational background and her story of struggle have been kept a secret.

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The life of Jill Rhodes changed drastically when she first met Sean Hannity at the time of his instinct at WVNN radio in  Huntsville, Alabama in 1991. Back then they used to meet frequently due to the reason that she worked as a political columnist and he had to take some of Jill's ideas. 

In an interview, Jill remembered that she wanted to marry Sean all along since she saw him for the first time. Before getting married in the year 1993 they only dated for less than a year as if they were very eager to get married to each other.

The couple shares two children, a boy Patrick Hannity and a daughter Merri Kelly. Their son was born in 1999 whereas their daughter in 2002. Despite their ups and downs, the power couple has been sharing a strong bond of love to each other for the past two decades. They celebrated their 22nd marriage anniversary on Jan 9.  

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Lesser known facts about Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity

After marriage, they went to live in Atlanta, Georgia and now they are living with their two children Patric and Merri in their $3.6 million home, having 5 bedrooms located in Lloyd Neck, New York. They have a beautiful vacation home in Naples, love Florida as well.

Recently some rumors have been heard about Sean being attracted towards other women other than Jill; which doesn't seem to be trouble for Jill. They have managed to live together for twenty years of their life and they are probably going to live more because the couple loves each other. 

Jill is a very hot and attractive woman with a good height and maintained weight even in her late forties. So why would Sean want to leave such a lovely wife? Moreover, why would Jill want to leave a famous celebrity having a net worth of $55 million?   

Quick Facts about Jill Rhodes 

  • Jill Rhodes was born on 27th August 1962 in Alabama under the birth sign Virgo.
  • Rhodes attended the University of Alabama where she earned a degree in the Department of Journalism.
  • She is a journalist by profession. 
  • She is married to Sean Hannity in 1993.
  • She shares two children, a boy Patrick Hannity and a daughter Merri Kelly.


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