Jill Rhodes is happy with her husband Sean Hannity and two children

Huntsville Times Jill Rhodes, a former columnist for Huntsville Time, married Sean Hannity, a popular American radio and television host, political commentator, and author on9 January1993. The couple really got along with each other quickly as both of them belonged to the same profession. In 1991, Jill was working as a political columnist for Huntsville Times while Sean was working in WVNN. At the meantime, Sean and Jill used to communicate through voice mails and used to ask for each other’s ideas for their respective professions.

Intrigued by each other voice mail message and ideas, both Jill and Sean started developing feelings for each other. Once, Sean asked her for a date and she could not refuse the request. The lovely pair dated for more than one year and later got married. Jill Rhodes also told in an interview “I Looked at his face and I said, “That is the man I’m going to marry”.

The couple is blessed with two beautiful children. The elder son, Patrick Hannity, was born in 1999 and is now 17 years old and daughter, Merri Kelly, was born in 2002. Both Jill and Sean are very responsible towards their children. Sean has told in an interview that both of his kids are interested in tennis.

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— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) July 19, 2016

However, lately, the couple is facing difficult times in their married life when Sean, in 2013, admitted that he started lusting after women other than his wife. After this confession, their relationship must have turned sour. However, there has been no news of them getting a divorce and any problems existing in their marriage. Jill must be working out to reduce the problem with her husband rather than jumping into the divorce.

We can a s sume that Jill Rhodes is happy with her husband and two children. Not only a great wife and mother but Jill is also a hard working journalist. Her official figure of net worth is unavailable but the net worth of her husband Sean Hannity is estimated at $35 million dollars.


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