Ice Cube's wife Kimberly Woodruff, Details About Their Married Life and Children

News by Saburo Published on 31 Jul,2017 Updated on 20 Jan,2019

Kimberly Woodruff is the only women in O'Shea Jackson Sr.'s life. The beautiful and talented wife of Ice Cube is also a super-mom, she has four kids! 

Ice Cube, the famous American rapper/ actor, who started his career in the late 1980s with NWA (Niggaz wit Attitude), always showers his wife with praise.

Unlike other hip-hop couples, Ice Cube and Woodruff are really tight. They have what you call ''a happy married life'' in the truest sense. 

Kimberly Woodruff And Ice Cube’s Marriage

Kim and Ice cube can be considered as an epitome of love, relationship, marriage and family, as the couple has been married since April 26, 1992, which makes it almost 26 years of being them together. Would you not want to know how did this happen? Sure do!

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Ice Cube And Wife Kimberly Woodruff's Love Story!

It’s believed that Kim first met Ice in college, but Kim didn’t pay much attention at first. Like it’s said what’s meant to be will find its way, they eventually started dating. It was, however, not so easy and instant.

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Ice Cube went unnoticed for 6 months in Kimberly's eyes. She was apparently in a relationship at that time. But, Ice Cube and Kimberly met again and this time Woodruff was single. The couple started dating in 1998 and got engaged in 1991.

Cube who played the role in 1991 hit film Boyz n the Hood where he went on to describe how he proposed to his wife for the first time. And In May 2018, during the chat with Nova's Fitzy & Wippa, he recalled proposing for a second time to his wife. 

He said, 

The second time I basically said, "If I propose again, would you say yes?

'She said, "Yeah I would", 

Therefore Cube did not have much pressure about the result. And the couple still sharing the blissfull married life with their five children. 

Why Is Kim So Special To Ice Cube?

When asked about ''of all his achievements throughout his career and the most impressive thing in his life'' he said it might be being married for 25 years with kids.

When asked how he has managed to keep somewhat a normal life throughout the craziness of his professional life? He answered: 

 ‘Kim is my backbone you know, she is my confidant, she is like everything… my partner in this…. I wouldn’t be here without her without a doubt cause she keeps me grounded to the point where I know who I am all the time.

He added ‘This business never was able to take away who I am….I attribute that to being with her keeping everything in perspective for me”.

That's a dedicated and true couple, right there!

In an interview, Ice said 

“It’s a true partnership. I respect my wife and I receive the same. She still gives me butterflies and I want her to see me as the man she still wants to be."

Kim And Ice Cube's Children

The couple has four children, three sons, and one daughter. Their eldest son is O'Shea Jackson Jr., was born on February 24, 1991, before they actually got married. Jackson is also a rapper and an actor who is well known by his stage name OMG. Like O'Shea Jackson Jr., their second child Darrell who was born in 1992 is also a rapper!

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Well, it seems that their marriage is actually made in heaven and we hope that it remains eternal.

When Ice Cube was asked in January 2005 on NPR by Fresh Air's Terry Gross whether he allowed his children to listen to his music, he responded: "What's worked for me is instilling in my kids a level of self-respect", and helping them to understand the content of not just music but the violence found on the evening news.

Ice Cube's Career And Net Worth And Earnings 

Ice Cube's net worth is $160 million at present. He has earned a huge amount of salary from his career.

His 1992 release, The Predator, was recorded during the 1992 Los Angeles riots and became the first album in history to debut at the top of both the pop and R&B charts.

He has appeared films such as Three Kings, Higher Learning, and XXX: State of the Union and has also written, directed, and produced numerous films, including Friday and its two sequels, Barbershop and its two sequels, Are We There Yet and its sequel, 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street, Straight Outta Compton, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, and Fist Fight.

Behind The Curtains 

Widely known for her marital relationship with the world-renowned artist Ice Cube, Kimberly has never come into the limelight and never been involved in any flashy show of stardom herself, expect her red carpet appearances with her spouse. 

The name of her parents' is also hard to pin down. She has always been focused on her family. 

Quick facts about Ice Cube

  • Ice Cube was born as O'Shea Jackson
  • Born on June 15, 1969,  and now is 48 years old
  • Started his career as a member of the hip-hop group and later joined seminal rap group N.W.A
  • Ice Cube was associated with N.W.A., C.I.A. Da Lench.
  • His genres are hip hop and gangsta rap