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Ice Cube is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, actor, and filmmaker. He is a member of former hip-hop group NWA. NWA was an American hip-hop group run by Ice Cube with his four friends from 1986-2000. 

Ice Cube has released 11 solo studio albums and various collaborative albums. He has also appeared in various films and TV series including 22 Jump Street, Ride AlongFirst Sunday and The Rebels

Early Life and Education

Ice Cube was born as O'Shea Jackson Sr. on June 15, 1969, in Compton, California, United States of America. Ice Cube was raised by his mother Doris, a hospital clerk and custodian, while his father Hosea was a groundskeeper at the University of California, LA. He has an older brother and half-sister who were killed when he was 12.

With strong parents behind him, he was having the power to navigate the power the tricky landscape, which was his neighborhood. Guns, drugs, and violence increasingly shaped that. When he reached his teenage, his parents pulled Cubes out of his local school. After that, Ice Cube attended a suburban high school in the San Fernando Valley. 

After high school, he moved to the Phoenix Institute of Technology, where he received a two-year degree in a drafting in 1988.

Music career

Around this time, Ice Cube continued to get involved in music, with a much of attentiveness. From his high school; he began Ice’s writing raps and in the mid-1980s began a group with two others named CIA.

The group and Ice Cube in particular soon caught the attention of another up-and-coming rapper Dr. Dre. Together. The two came together with a small crew of other young rappers (DJ Yella, Eazy-E, and MC Ren) to form an N.W.A. The group’s second album ‘Straight Outta Compton’, released in 1988. They performed together till 2000. 

Solo Career and Other Endeavors

Ice Cube’s participation with N.W.A came to screeching halt in 1989. A year later, he published the first of many critically acclaimed albums, ‘AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted’. He also enjoyed success with his collaborations as a rapper and producer. 

Ice Cube also appeared in major roles in many successful movies, like Friday (1995), Three Kings (1999) and ‘Barbershop’ (2002). The King stars George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube, and Spike Jonze as four U.S. He will play the title role, portrayed by Gabe Kaplan and his film company. 

Ice Cube broke up audiences as the profane Captain Dickson in the 2012 movie 21 Jump Street. He reprised the role in the 2014 sequel, 22 Jump Street and released his 10th studio album named Everythang’s Corrupt.

Personal life and Affair

Ice Cube is a married man. He is married to Kimberly Woodruff since 1992. Ice Cube married Kimberly Woodruff on April 26, 1992. When he met her longtime girlfriend Kimberly, she struck him. However, she was not into him at all, as she was in a relationship at the event.

The couple has four children; their eldest son O’Shea Jr. was born on February 24, 1991, and is also a rapper and an actor. He had the great honor to portray his old man in the 2015 Straight Outta Compton.

Kimberly Jackson gave birth to their second son named Darrell on December 29, 1992. Their daughter Kareema the first girl was born to the Jackson family on February 17, 1994, and then the fourth children, a son named Sharif on November 27, 1995.

Net worth, Salary, and Body measurement

Hip-hop artist Ice Cube's current net worth is $140 million, which he acc u mulated from his music career and acting career and earns $35 annually. The 48-year-old rapper is listed on the top 14th richest rappers in the world in 2017 and the list is topped by Dr.Dre whose net worth is $810 million. 

He is one of the richest rappers in the industry who has a lucrative life. He bought a lavish mansion for $7.25 million in Marina Del Rey, in 2016. He has V8 Vantage Roadster- manufactured by Aston Martin ($140K) and Lincoln's Navigator Ultimate car worth $70K. 

He stands tall at the height of five feet eight inches and his weight is 88kg. 

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