How Much is Billionaire Rupert Murdoch's Net Worth and Salary? Details of His Property, Lifestyle And Divorce Settlement!

News by Valdemar Published on 01 Nov,2017 Updated on 01 Nov,2017

Who doesn’t wish of earning a lot of money and living a lavish life? Well, some only fantasize of the luxury while others actually work for it and achieve it,  Rupert Murdoch is among the latter.

So, brace yourselves, and try not to get jealous of 86 year-old  Rupert Murdoch's Massive wealth. We are discussing his net worth and luxurious lifestyle here. 

How Much Is Rupert Murdoch's Net Worth?

The executive chairman of media empire News Corp, Rupert Murdoch, becomes the topic of discussion in the media time and again. He has earned billions by delivering controversies, scandals and gossip through outlets such as Fox News Channel and British tabloid The Sun.



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The American media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, has a net worth of  US$1.6 billion according to Forbes, however, this is his decreased net worth. Murdoch's net worth was US$13.4 billion with an annual salary of US$25 million previously.

Billionaire Rupert Murdoch's Lavish Lifestyle: Homes

Murdoch owned a Fifth Avenue apartment which cost 44 million in 2005. It’s a triplex penthouse apartment spread over an area of 4000 sq. feet in Manhattan, this apartment he lost to his ex-wife Wendi Deng in their divorce settlement. Deng and their children were also given a Yacht worth $30 Million. 

In Murdoch's list of properties is his home in Rosehearty Oyster Bay Home which was valued at $10.5 million in 2003.

Rupert Murdoch, house, Luxury, networth

The lavish Fifth Avenue apartment of Rupert Murdoch

Well, the list doesn't end here, Murdoch also owns a home in Melbourne, Beverly Hills villa which covers the area of 8,700 sq, feet and a Mayfair apartment in London.

 Rupert Murdoch's Cars and Private Jets

We are sure Murdoch isn't keeping a tab on his cars, but we sure are! He owns a Range Rover which he frequently uses. The list doesn't stop here though. He also has a  Lexus GS45OH which costs $47,285. 

Rupert Murdoch, car, networth, personal jet, billionaire

Rupert Murdoch inside his Range Rover. 

When the person in question is a billionaire, cars are not the primary focus. So, let's shift ours as well, to his private jet.

. Rupert Murdoch, net worth, personal jet

Personal jet of Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch has been on one of the top lists as an exclusive buyer of G650  which costs $84 million. To everyone who says money can't buy you happiness, how about you cry inside your own $84 million worth private jet with numbers of waiter/waitresses serving you whatever you want? Sounds good enough!

Quick Facts:

  • Rupert Murdoch was born Keith Rupert Murdoch.
  • He was born on 11th of March, 1931.
  • He was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  • Murdoch was born to Sir Keith Murdoch and Dame Elisabeth Murdoch.
  • He had three siblings, Janet Calvert-Jones, Anne Kantor and Helen Handbury (1929–2004).
  • Murdoch's first marriage was to Patricia Booker, they got divorced in 1967.
  • He then married  Anna Maria Torv in 1967 but got divorced again.
  • His third marriage, to Wendi Deng, also ended in separation. 
  • In 2016, Murdoch announced his engagement with, Jerry Hall and they got married on 4th March 2016.