How Much Is Alex Hirsch' Net Worth? Details Of His Salary And Income Sources

Alexander Robert Hirsch aka Alex Hirsch is an American director, screenwriter, voice actor, writer, animator, and producer. The Annie Award and BAFTA Award winner is recognized as the creator of the animated  TV series, Gravity Falls. Moreover, he is also known for lending his voice to several characters, including Bill Cipher, Grunkle Stan, and Soos Ramirez.       

The 33 years old, Alex Hirsch who started his career back in 2008 has worked in several fields of Hollywood and earned a huge amount of money. In the particular section, we will discuss his net worth, salary, the source of income and properties.  

Alex Hirsch' Net Worth And Career

Alex Hirsch who has involved in the several sectors of the Hollywood industry has a net worth of $2 million as of 2019.   

Hirsch started his career as a writer and storyboard artist in the animated TV series, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. He also develops animated series, Fish Hooks alongside Bill Reiss. Later on, he served as a Creative Director and voiced Clamantha for the same animated series. 

CAPTION: Alex Hirsch SOURCE: themarysue

After his spell on Fish Hooks, he created a short TV series, Gravity Falls Shorts where he also offered his voice for several roles. Recently, in 2018, Alex appeared in TV series, We Bare Bears and also on Star vs. the Forces of Evil. 

CAPTION: Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch SOURCE: Paste Magazine

The actor c u m writer got his rise, not from his aforementioned movies but from Gravity Falls. On the TV series, the actor not only acted and gave his voice but also created over 34 episodes.  

Well, whatever be the case,  Alex Hirsch has a total of 11 writer credits to his name alongside 17 acting credits and 8 producer credits to his name from where he earns a decent salary. 

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Alex Hirsch' Salary And Other Sources Of Income

The exact salary of the Alex Hirsch is yet to be disclosed but there is no doubt he received a decent amount from his several careers. The average salary of an animator is $75,983, storyboard artist makes $105,000, screenwriter makes around $60000-$100000, and voice actor makes $23,672 - $632,533. So he also might be receiving his salary the in same range. 

Besides this, he has also made his income from the sale of a book which he has authored. 

Earning From Books

Alex Hirsch who is also a writer has authored a couple of books: Gravity Falls: Journal 3  and Title to be Revealed: Gravity Falls Graphic Novel. 

CAPTION: Alex Hirsch SOURCE: uproxx

His book Gravity Falls: Journal 3 is being sold at the price of $13 on the Amazon and Title to be Revealed: Gravity Falls Graphic Novel at $22.82. 

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Quick Facts: Alex Hirsch

  • Alex Hirsch was born as an Alexander Robert Hirsch on June 18, 1985, in  Piedmont, California. 
  • He was born under the birth sign of Gemini which trait his personality to be adaptable and intelligent.
  • Hirsch was raised along with his twin sister, Ariel Hirsch
  • In the animation series, Gravity Falls, he and Jason Ritter have voiced the character. 
  • He stands 5 feet 7 inches(i.e 1.73m).    


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