How Is Alaskan Bush People Billy Brown's Married LIfe With Wife Ami Brown? Details On His Family And Children

News by Joey Jordan Published on 14 Aug,2019 Updated on 13 Jan,2020

Billy Brown, who used to live in a remote area in Alaska, might have planned to spend his life with his wife, children, and grandchildren in his hometown Hoonah. But, fate had some other plans for him. Discovery featured Brown along with his wife and their children's lifestyle in a documentary series, Alaskan Bush People, that brought them to the stardom.  

The family that stayed far from the social boundary suddenly started gaining fan followings, and within a short time, they became celebrities. Coming to the day, many of Brown's fans long to know his married life with his wife Ami, that is rarely featured in the Discovery show. We have brought some exclusive details on their married life, let's dive into it.

Billy Brown And Ami Brown's Four-Decades-Long Married Life

Unlike several celebrity love stories, Billy Brown and Ami Brown's love story follows some traditional track. Ami Brown was only 15 years old when she met her now-husband, who was 26 years old. They didn't spend time together as a couple before they got married in 1979.

Billy Brown and his wife Ami Brown SOURCE: The CelebsInfo

The Brown family lived in a rustic area where they used to follow their own rituals, unlike modern US culture. So, despite Ami's underage, their marriage was lawful and virtuous. Nearly four decades into the conjugal life the couple are still enjoying their togetherness more than any other celebrity couples.

Meanwhile, Billy seems to be the lone decision-maker of the family. It sounds weird, but it's the truth, the family loves Billy to take every important decision regarding their lifestyle and others. Being a better half of Billy, Ami also loves her husband to make all the decision of their family.

Billy Brown And Ami Brown's Children

Billy Brown and Ami Brown were settled in Hoonah, Alaska after their marriage in 1979, where they gave birth to their six children. 

They gave birth to their first child, son Matthew Jeremiah "Matt" Brown in 1982 in Washington. Two years later, they welcomed their second son; Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown on September 18, 1984. Solomon Freedom "Bear" Brown was born on 1987 October 6 and Gabriel Starbuck "Gabe" Brown was born on 1989 December 15.

They welcomed their fifth child, son Noah Darkcloud Brown on July 1992. They gave birth to their first daughter, sixth child, Amora Jean Snowbird Brown on November 18, 1994, and second child, Rainy Brown, whose real name is Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop Brown. 

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Billy Brown and wife Ami Brown with their seven children SOURCE: InTouch Weekly

All seven of their children are grown up and star in their family documentary show Alaska Bush People (ABP). Meanwhile, their oldest child, Matt Brown, was arrested in Juneau in August 2013 over DUI despite the Brown Family claimed to live in the untouched wilderness. He was arrested for DUI and hit and run following a night party.

Even more, Matt was addicted to substance abuse due to which he has admitted to rehab multiple times. His first entrance to rehab was back in 2016 when he spent 35 days in the rehab facility. Again, in September 2018, Matt admitted himself into rehab because of his struggle with substance abuse.

After returning from the rehab, Matt showed his interest to make his comeback to the Discovery documentary series, however, his father Billy ruled him out of the show. But, later Billy and Matt reconciled for Matt appearance in their family documentary show.

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Ami Brown's Cancer Diagnosis And Their Journey From Alaska To Washington  

The Brown family had been happily living in their Alaska home, but, their life sought changes after matriarch Ami Brown was diagnosed with third stage lungs cancer. She was given as low as 3% of survival rate after the diagnosis, but the family never gave up.   

They tried everything they could have done for Ami. Billy and his children took her to California for better treatment. When the doctor told Ami needs to visit the hospital for a regular check-up every three months, the Brown family decided to shift their residence to California from Alaska.

Billy Brown has always been staying by his wife's side since her cancer diagnosis. Moreover, he decided to shift their residence from remote Alaskan countryside home to Southern California. Talking to People, Billy told, he was never more than 10-feet away from his wife. Moreover, he said, he loves to be with his wife all the time.

Even more, he said:

I don’t sleep. I don’t want to lose that time with her. I’ll stay up just watch her breathing while she sleeps. Eventually, I’ll fall asleep watching her and then Bear will come in and sit with her until I’m up again.

Billy said his wife is the strongest person he knows. Ami tries to hide her pain even if it hurts more than she can bear. He said, she bends like a baby four or five times a day and cries, but still, she gets up with a smile on her face.  

Billy Brown's Previous Marriage And Children

Before marrying Ami Brown, Billy Brown was married previously. According to Radar Online, he was married to Brenda Brown, with whom he shares two children; daughters Twila Byars and Brandy Brown. Before Billy relocated to Alaska from Texas, his native town, he married his first wife in 1969.

In June 2018, Twila Byars took to her Instagram, wishing her little brother, Bear Brown on his birthday. In the caption, she wrote she hadn't spoken to her brother for a long time as she was unaware she had a brother. Here is the post:


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Happy Birthday to my little brother Bear Brown, who I haven’t spoken to in awhile for reasons I’m unaware of. Lol. #bearbrown #ABP #alaskanbushpeople #bearbrownthekingofextreme

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Billy was only 16 years while his bride was 17 at the time of their marriage; according to the marriage certificate obtained by Radar. The outlet hasn't revealed Billy's first wife's identity, however, InTouchWeekly mentioned her as Brenda.