Alaskan Bush People Star Matt Brown Gets 9 Stitches. Fridge Exploded After Storing a Jar

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 28 May,2017 Updated on 18 Dec,2018

Alaskan bush people star Matt Brown was recently admitted to hospital.

It was reported that he needed 9 staples in his head after his fridge exploded.

Source: pinterest

The incident happened on Tuesday night. Reports have he filled a jar with gunpowder and cannon fuse and placed them in his fridge. This move of Brown definitely was not in his favor and then the jar exploded along with the fridge which banged Matt's head.

He was immediately taken to the hospital and there he got 9 stitches. Apart from the fact he is a TV show star, it was not the part of a TV show. He escaped death.


Alaskan Bush People is a documentary series featuring Brown family that includes Bill with wife Ami and their seven children. They live in Copper RiverValleyy in an extremely down temperature. IMDb has ranked this series 6.4/10. 

we wish he soon recovers.