Have you got any idea about the rumor of Justin Bieber and Cindy Kimberly?

News by Bartle Published on 13 Jun,2016 Updated on 25 Jul,2017

Cindy Kimberly quick turned into the most begrudged lady on the Internet after Justin Bieber posted her photograph on Instagram and requested to know who she was.

She didn't put forth any remark or expression since Bieber put her in the post on December 7, 2015. That photograph produced more than 110,000 comments to his page. Let's elaborate details about the incidents through this article here. 

Cindy Kimberly became famous after Justin Shared her pictures on Instagram

It all started on December 7, 2015, when Canadian pop star posted a photograph of Kimberly saying "OMG who is this!" Eventually, the remarks came rolling in, with all concurring that the young lady in the photograph was Cindy Kimberly, a selfie junkie.

Justin and Cindy Kimberly, Source: YouTube

Justin and Cindy Kimberly, Source: YouTube

Days before Justin posted the photograph, she set up a video demonstrating her listening to the first few bars of his classic "No Sense." because of Bieber attention towards her Kimberly post on Instagram saying "I so don't know how to manage this".

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Again on March 24, 2016, the stunning Spanish girl posted a photograph on her Instagram, wearing a perfectly sized pink dress while looking alluringly behind her at the camera, with nothing else in the photograph aside from a basic dim setting.


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only a couple of hours of the pic going up, Beiber liked the photograph and his fans went crazy. After Justin made the flirty gesture to her, the comment section of the photograph blasted with the news that he loved the pic, with a lot more discussion about his feelings towards Cindy.

Cindy became model after featuring Bieber's Instagram

The Spanish young lady made famous after featuring Bieber's Instagram. After Justin shared her pictures via his Instagram his fans started marking her. Cindy's followers skyrocketed in no time. Now, she became a model and her stunning looks that mesmerize many fans. She looks like iconic Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and supermodel Irina Shayak.

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The beautiful mystery girl who got Justin Bieber's attention admitted that she believes to be living in a fairytale after she went from being a normal babysitter to a catwalk model. She is a 17-year-old girl from Denia, Spain a girl who is still in her teenage and definitely not married. She was just a fan of Bieber but now after all this incident, she is very happy and excited.


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The dazzling youngster, said "My life's changed emphatically since Justin showed up in my life. Toward the starting, I felt totally overpowered and didn't know how to manage it however now I'm getting used to it.".

It was definitely a dream came true moment for her as she came into notice of a country's sensation Justin Bieber. This 22-year-old singer is a heartthrob of a nation with millions of girls dreaming to be with him and to be that girl is definitely a big deal. The story of a superstar singer and a normal Spanish girl has certainly become very interesting for the fans.