Find out the net worth, annual salary, and television career of TV personality Frank Fritz

News by Clarence Published on 08 Oct,2021 Updated on 08 Oct,2021

The co-star of the History Channel Network show, American Pickers, Frank Fritz, has gotten to be prominent according to the viewers around the globe. His diligence has made him one of the most successful TV Personalities. 

With his amazing performances, he has been able to earn so well and even has an amazing net worth, that all his followers would love to know about!

Frank Fritz’s Net worth & Salary

Frank collected most of his net worth through his TV Career, which would be explained further! His Net Worth is around $3 Million and he earns around $500,000 per year as a salary.

People think he rocks the show with his presence in the show. His Net worth increased when the History channel hired him to co-host the series. Now, let’s switch to his Television career that helped him to collect a huge amount of net worth. 

Fritz’s Television Career

Frank Fritz is the co-Founder of Antique archeology, an American reality star, an antique collector, and host of the History channel’s reality show, “American Pickers”. It is an American reality television series produced by A & E Television Networks in joint collaboration with Cinefix Productions. He appears in the American Pickers alongside Danielle Colby and Mike Wolfe.

This Show ‘American pickers’ was broadcasted first in 2010 and is about antique pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. In the series, they travel all around the United States to buy or pick various antique items for resale and their personal collection.

The series is narrated by him and Wolfe and they explore people's stores to find antiques. Fitz is fond of old antique toys. This is one of the highest-rated shows on the History channel; no wonder, how well does Frank earns!