Is Reporter RobertCosta Dating Someone? Details Of His Current Relationship Status And Story Behind His Weight Loss

News by Bean Published on 12 Dec,2018 Updated on 11 Nov,2019

The national reporter for The Washington Post, Robert Costa, is not a new face to us. He is one of the successful and followed journalists of America. He is a political analyst for MSNBC, NBC News, and the moderator of Washington Week.

The 34-year-old journalist has already accomplished so much when it comes to journalism and profession career. So, regarding his personal life, is Costa single, Or is he dating someone? He recently came to highlight due to his weight transformation. Is it to impress someone? What do you think?

Is Robert Costa Dating Someone? His Current Relationship Status     

Robert Costa is a career-oriented person. He portrays the personality of one who is highly focused on his profession rather than engaging in the relationship. There is an interview where he said:

“I Love My Job”

While answering the question about the relationship, in 2016, Costa with long pause replied

“I am single but dating.... I'm 31, so you know...”

As per his statement, he is dating people, going out, but is not in a serious relationship. With so much going around in his professional life, it seems like he is still not ready to be with someone. To have a wife/girlfriend is a big responsibility, and he is taking enough time before taking that path. As of 2019, he is enjoying his singlehood and cherishing his success.  

Talking about his children, he has a goddaughter, Dillion, who is the eldest daughter of his sister Ellen and her husband, Paul. He seems to often spend time with him.


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From earlier in the week: reading a book about caterpillars to my little goddaughter Dillon, all while finishing a story on the special congressional election.

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Since Costa lives a very low-key life, people have many assumptions regarding his private life, especially his dating life. As per many gossip mongers, he is happily married with children, whereas few others claimed him to be gay.  Thankfully, Robert has vehemently denied all the rumors. 


Why Is Robert Costa Losing His Weight?  

Robert Costa is losing weight since the last couple of years when he turned late 30 years of age. When he was asked the ways to burn up the chubby weight, he erased curiosity of his followers, saying changing food habits and dieting rather than exercise helped him burn his calories.

In an interview, he mentioned:

If you’re offering me for a drink, make it a… Diet Coke or seltzer water. That’s pretty much what I run on.

This explains the secret of his weight loss. His face is becoming skinny, and physical appearance is more stunning and attractive than ever.

CAPTION: Robert Costa's weight Transformation SOURCE: WordPress

Similarly, when asked about why he is so focused on losing weight? He simply replied, saying to be healthy and fit. 


Robert Costa: Quick Facts    

  • Robert Costa was born on October 14, 1985, and is 34 years old, as of 2019.
  • He was born under sun sign Libra, which indicates the less friendly and more private person. This justifies his secretive love life. 
  • Robert was born in Richmond, Virginia, the United States of America.
  • Robert is of American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.
  • Robert studied at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Cambridge.
  • He supports political Leader Donald Trump.
  • He likes to visit the LBJ Library and Museum frequently.
  • Robert shares a healthy bond with Zach Woods and journalist Hallie Jackson.
  • Robert has three siblings.
  • The name of his parents is father Thomas Costa and mother Anne-Dillon D. Costa.
  • Robert earns an annual salary of 85 thousand.
  • Robert's net worth is in seven digits.