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Zach Woods was born in September 25, 1984 and he is running 31 years as his age. Professionally this celebrity is busy in working as an actor as well as comedian and his active years started from the year 2004. Zach is best in his working as a character of Gebe Lewis which was portrayed within The Office. The active years of Zach started from the year 2004 and till the present time his workings is appreciated by the people. Similarly he also got appeared within Silicon Valley and he is getting more new offers in the current time. Zach father professionally working as a social worker as well as trained psychiatrist and his is mostly specialized within the clinical therapy in his professional working. Accordingly, the mother of Zach is also working as a nurse practitioner by her profession. This middle child is out of 3 children of his parents and they are the follower of Jews.

Zach completed his graduation level of education from Pennsbury High School and this was during the year 2003 and he was a brilliant student during the very time. Righter after his graduation he moved towards Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for his professional career and during this time he was only 16 years old in his age. He was encouraged to his professional experiences by his father and later his working in the Office was dictated as among the most successful step of his career. In the year 2009 within Stranger he also got appeared as his role of Man which is a short film.

Zach has no any clear information about his personal life and his bio is completely private in this regard. Similarly, Zach is also spotted with one of the girl in the public who was a s sumed as his spouse in the very time but he did not confessed about his relationship till the current time. Zach is a s sumed of not being married because of his absence of declaration of spouse in his life. Zach also has no children yet and he is searching for a good partner according to the news. He is searching for a best affair with which he can spend best part of his life. In addition to this Zach also states that he is looking for a girl who very understands in nature and supports for which he is and can run a healthy affair with the lady in the very time.

Zach height is 6 feet 4 inches in tall and his weight is approximately around 60 kg. Zach salary is also exclusive and his career explains about his net worth is also increasing in sum of order. In according to this Zach is earning with the net worth of amount 1.5 million American dollars in this year which is a s sumed to be more than the last year.

by Bchrome, 27 Feb, 2016

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