One Of The Highest Paid Television Actors Hugh Laurie: How Much Is His Net Worth?

News by Hendrix Published on 04 Feb,2019 Updated on 04 Feb,2019

World famous for his roles in Mr. Bean alongside Rowan Atkinson and the series House MD, Hugh Laurie was one of the highest paid actors when his show was on the air.  As a result of his incredible talents on screen, he was able to amass a huge net worth from his time on TV.         

The English actor is currently 69 years old and his career spans more than 37 years, from his time on primetime TV and his musical talents he made himself a multi-millionaire. His talents go beyond the realm of the film, however, because he is also an avid musician who can play multiple instruments including the piano which he prefers playing.          

The On-Screen Medical Genius’ Net Worth And Income

The 59-year-old English actor started his career as a writer for the TV series The Cellar Tapes, after 37 long years in the industry, he is valued at $40 million as of January 2019. He was able to gather the jaw-dropping net worth from his time on TV as well as his musical career.  

Forbes named him as one of the highest paid actors on television in the world. When he acted in House MD as the snarky and witty Dr. House made him into a household name for TV fans. During the filming of the 3rd season in 2006 of the series, he was paid $300k per episode. His total earnings that year was $7.2 million.

CAPTION: Hugh Laurie's headshot. SOURCE: Fanpop

In 2007-2008 he was paid $300k per episode too from the 4th season of the medical drama series. In this time he earned a cool $4.8 million. In 2009 his salary increased to $440k per episode of the episodes from every episode of the 6th season that he appeared in. He earned $8.8 million that year from the series.    

2010 was a good year for as he earned a whopping $10.2 million. During the filming of the 8th season of the series, his salary was increased by $300k which made him one of the best-paid actors in the world. His earnings for the year the 8th season aired (2011) was around $15.4 million.

Hugh Laurie’s Properties And Assets

The actor who worked alongside Omar Epps and Jesse Spencer in his series leads to a rich lifestyle and owns expensive properties. In 2008 he bought a house in Beverly Hills for $2 million, the lavish mansion is valued at $3.8 million as of 2019. 

Another one of his properties is a “house”, pun intended, located in Belsize Park, North London, is said to be $2 million. Laurie is also the owner of a paradise like home which he refers to as his garden that is valued at $3.99 million.   


Similarly, the star is a fanatic for the motor engine and his car collection is mouthwatering, He owns a classic 1955 Ford Galaxie convertible which costs $30,000. Another one of his cars is a Porsche, Cayman S model, which is in the market at a price of $70,000.

The actor married to Jo Green is also fond of motorcycles and owns a Triumph Bonneville which costs around $12,000.