Elon Musks Tesla Model 3 on Sale from 28th July! Twitter Reactions After the Announcement!

News by Saburo Published on 03 Jul,2017 Updated on 17 Aug,2017

Elon Musk owned Tesla Inc. is set to begin production of its first model 3 all-electric sedan coming Friday, quite earlier than expected. Tesla executive  Elon Musk shared the good news on July 3 via his Twitter.

According to the CEO, the vehicle has “passed all regularly requirements for production two weeks ahead of schedule”. In March, the company announced it was on track to start making the first model 3 cars in July and hand over them to its first-time customers at the end of July.

Elon posted a series of Tweets explaining the product. And his followers flooded the comment section with a variety of replies-some skeptic while others were hopeful and happy!

Everyone is waiting for the Tesla’s new car SN1 which will be available for 30 customers on 28th July,  by August there apparently will be a 1000 Tesla Model 3s, 1500 by September and beyond. The car is to start at around $35K and with a $7500 federal electric charges, it could cost $27500. Tesla has said the five-seat car could go 215 miles on a single charge and it will look sporty. It will also accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in under six seconds.

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Whether Elon Musk and his company meet its production goals is an open question for the people. Tesla’s previous launched Model sedan and Model X sports utility vehicles were victims of production delays and initial quality issues. Let's hope all goes well for Tesla Model 3.